Tuesday, November 07, 2006

By Request - The Burbs (1989) (Jerry Goldsmith) [Bootleg / Complete Score]

This one's for Breton Girl! Hopefully she'll be able to find it when she gets back from vacation. She requested it before she left, but I couldn't post it in time, so I'm posting it now. I've lost track of all the different blogs that have posted The 'Burbs, but The Manchester Morgue posted 2 different versions, and Breton Girl told me that the expanded version there had missing tracks, so she asked me if I would post mine. So here's another blog posting The 'Burbs!

It's Jerry Goldsmith scoring the Tom Hanks comedy. I should probably make some attempt to describe the music, but all I can think is to say it's Jerry Goldsmith. That seems to suffice somehow. Enjoy!

Track List:

The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 01 - Main Title
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 02 - The House
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 03 - Welcome to Mayfield Pl.
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 04 - Shooting Crows
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 05 - Dave's Story
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 06 - New Neighbours
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 07 - Klopek House
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 08 - Bad Karma
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 09 - Storytelling
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 10 - Neighbourhood Watch
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 11 - Garbage Disposal
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 12 - Little Dog Lost
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 13 - A Klopek Watching
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 14 - A Hell of TV
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 15 - A Nightmare in the 'Burbs
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 16 - Leaving the Note
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 17 - The Bone
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 18 - Brownies
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 19 - A Horse in the Basement
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 20 - Planning the Raid
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 21 - The Assault
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 22 - On the Roofs
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 23 - Searching the House
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 24 - The Search Continues
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 25 - The Furnance
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 26 - Walter is Back
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 27 - Ray Peterson, Neighbour from Hell
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 28 - Aftermath
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 29 - Runaway Ambulance
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 30 - Canvas Fight
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 31 - Skulls-Catching Pinocchio
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 32 - Vacation's End
The 'Burbs (Bootleg) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 33 - End Titles

pw = youdont

The Burbs (Filesend)

The Burbs (Megaupload)

around 83 MB

Great, very great.. Thank you, I think it's a very cool Score. I just have the normal version, but now the expanded one is playing all the time in my Winamp!
Thank you very mcuh!
Hi Nightwalker!

You're very welcome and I'm glad to hear it's playing all the time! I really appreciate hearing that! :)))
I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog :-)
Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day :)
Hi Anonymous!

Why, thank you very much! :))
I just watched this movie the other night for the first time in over a decade and was thinking to myself how awesome the OST was. Very thankful that this was still online and available. Cheers!
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