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The Big Bus (1976) (David Shire) [Bootleg]

David Shire is another favorite composer. I can't remember when I first became a fan of his music. I think it may have been when I first listened to his 'David Shire At The Movies' compilation on the Bay Cities label. That was one fantastic compilation! It seems they released another compilation more recently, but I can't remember if I've ever listened to it. I kept thinking that was just a re-release of that old out-of-print album, but I guess it's a new version or maybe a 'sequel'.

Or I might've become a fan from his Broadway work with Richard Maltby on musicals like, 'Baby'. That was one of those albums that I heard played on the radio and then pretty quickly after went to the record store and bought the LP and then eventually bought the CD when those new-fangled contraptions came out (contrary to the erroneous supposition that file-sharers don't spend any money on their music).

In fact, now that I think about it, 'The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3' was the first CD I ever bought from F.S.M. when they were first putting out albums. I just had to have it; boy, I love that score. Though it reminds me of the funny story of how they charged $700 or $800 worth of fraudulent charges on my credit card that all coincidentally were for publishing-related companies back east like paper companies and newspapers. Well, maybe that's not such a funny story. Still, a great label with incredible releases that I would urge everybody to support (just not with phony charges and I would pay cash if I were you).

Or it might have even been when I first heard the theme from Farewell, My Lovely. I always loved that theme and was blown away by it. I think I only had a copy of the main theme, but a friend of mine was an even bigger fan of that score and gave me a copy of the CD with Monkey Shines on it. I didn't even realize the whole score had been released until he gave me a copy of it. I guess that disproves another erroneous supposition that generosity only existed after the advent of that dreaded thing known as file-sharing. I guess they missed out on the money I wouldn't have spent on it since I didn't even know it existed before he gave me a copy. Boy, I bet I really hurt their sales by not giving them that non-money. Of course, once I got a copy it made me want to buy the CD, but I guess that's beside the point.

So here's his score to the Joseph Bologna / Stockard Channing disaster spoof about the disastrous maiden voyage of an atomic-powered bus. The movie wasn't exactly a classic parody (and the score is probably not David Shire's best), but I still enjoyed it which is more than you can ask of any movie (or score), I suppose. As is the case sometimes with bootlegs, the music is pitched a little low, but you can always easily fix this by using some kind of normalizing software if it really bothers you. Or you can use volume control. (I don't like to alter these things too much before I post them. I'm terrible at it and would probably only make things worse, so I figure all you audiophiles out there who really care about these things would prefer getting an unadulterated version instead.)

This was about 4 years before Airplane (and Supertrain, now that I think about it). And 1 year after One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Jaws, but that probably doesn't have to do with anything.


Track List:

The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 01 - Main Title
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 02 - Cyclops Factory Explosion
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 03 - Dan & Kitty
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 04 - A.W.M. / Bus Travel
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 05 - The Bomb
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 06 - The Wrong Wire / Springfield Foam / Bath / Sybil & Claude
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 07 - Sharing A Bath / A Good Bet
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 08 - Harbinger Curve / Busport 1975 / Kitty In The Kitchen
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 09 - Kitty In Jeopardy / Dan's Confession / Jack Returns
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 10 - Cliffhanger / Dan Goes Over The Winch / On The Road Again
The Big Bus (Bootleg) (1976) (David Shire) - 11 - End Title

pw = youdont

The Big Bus (1976) (David Shire) (Rapidshare)

The Big Bus (1976) (David Shire) (Megaupload)

around 48 MB

Thank you VERY much for uploading this one!

Just a brief question (maybe I'm just too stupid ...):
The rar-expander demands a password?
Is there something I just did not get?
Sorry to bother you!
I used to have a cassette copy of the movie when it was broadcast on televison... sadly that tape wore out through repeated playings.

Here's hoping a legit version may pop up soon.
How I missed reading your discussions of your posts! Actually, I never heard of this movie before. But, now I feel an extreme desire to see it. I've just ordered the DVD. Thanks!
Thanks for posting all the great new music.
What a treat to have this score. I remember the movie fondly (silly as it was) and can honestly say it seems to have disappeared completely so far as available media is concerned. My most vivid memory at the moment, the "lounge piano singer" improvising "Six Months to Live" with its final lyric: "Might as well forget about Christmas."

Anyway, I hope you were as pleased as I was to see David Shire back working in mainstream Hollywood films when he scored ZODIAC earlier this year.
Hi Anonymous!

You're very welcome! (and don't worry about feeling stupid, you can't be as stupid as I am!)

The password is right above the link in all the entries and on the newer files it is 'youdont'. Hope you read this!


Hi Anonymous #2!

I hope a legit version does pop up eventually. I hope you enjoy listening to this in the meantime! :))


Hi First Moon!

Wow! Thanks so much again for saying that! And I never imagined I would inspire someone to order the DVD! Well, I hope you enjoy the movie (and the music), though I hope you won't be disappointed (in either). :))

And I enjoy thinking about you reading the posts while I write them! :))


Hi Vince!

So good to here from you again! (if this is the same Vince) You are very welcome for the new music!


Hi Anonymous #3!

I know exactly how you feel. It's a shame they don't show these movies on television (or anywhere) anymore! And like you, I am really glad to see David Shire getting as much work as he deserves! :))
Hello friend--
Thanks so much for this post.
I remember the film fondly, and the score especially. Shire is brilliant, and if I may say so---so are you.
Kindest regards. :)
Dear anonymous,
I have a cassette tape too from the video I bought for my brother 2 years ago. All the best quips, highlights and music from the film! Like myself, back in the day, that's really all we had to record our favorite music and dialog. Holding the mic up to the TV speaker then having to liten to that hourendous hiss throughout.
But it was aleways worthwhile to have it on hand personally. (Funny, I never minded the hiss after my 10,000 listening to it)
But most assuradly, (personally) this was MY FAVORITE B-Movie of ALL TIME! I don't know how many time my brother and I ran out the exit and went to stand in line for the next show! (I really think it was 6 times).
I think we ran through 3 screenings of a sci-fi filmed up here in Seattle anout large monster bugs eating people. Ohhh, and then there was the CLASSIC Strother Martin B-Movie Sssssss!, I saw it twice and threw up twice then my brother took me home. Another classic campy flavor.
But I sat back and listened to the music and after 20 years of listening to it on cassette with the monolouge, I can still recite word per word on the musical beat. Same with The Ghost and Mr. Chicken, that wonderfull Don Knotts 1965 film.
No, I'm glad you mentioned cassette tape and waering it out. I think I can speak for the rest of us that we have all shared your same experience.
But to step back a decade...before personal audio recordings with a record or cassette, ever how our fore-fathers remembered their favorite music?
Nowadays we don't need to write the music, we just copy it digitally. Wouldn't that make your great, great, great grandfather proud?
And we thought we'd never hear the music again.
Thanks nowl1!
just stumbled upon your marvellous blog ... such much fine music, so little time!
good job on this one, which i remember fondly - much funnier than today's so-called comedy on TV.
buttah ... what happened to track no.12 (the main title reprise)? lists this at 03m46s length - and it's the same bootleg issue as yours.
would you look into this, plz? i like to have my soundtrack albums complete ... ;-)
whats tha nuze on that missing track 12, pliz?
WOW! thank you! Shire's work on "Fastbreak" is also great,.
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