Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas)

Wow! Sorry about that guys! This was meant to be an upcoming post. I uploaded the cover and meant to save it as a draft, but must've saved it as a post instead before I logged out! I just haven't written the post for it yet, but it should be coming up in the next 2 batches of posts (probably the one after next). Sorry, didn't mean to tease anybody, but I was just as surprised as you guys when I logged onto the blog and saw this sitting here!

Well, as is usually the case with these things, it's all uploaded, but I just haven't gotten around to writing the post. It's all this clean-up work at the end that kills me!

I loved the comments that First Moon, Jason, & especially Planet Xtabay left. Again, sorry about that guys! I ran out of time and had to log out so quickly I never noticed this sitting here!

Well, I guess it won't be a surprise when it eventually shows up again. :)) But on the bright side, it did get more comments than my average post!


Well, since I posted the album cover it seemed only fitting to post the album as well.

Here's another soundtrack to a favorite movie from my childhood. Well, that designation probably doesn't mean much since a few hundred movies fall into that category, but it's still a good, entertaining movie. I hope you enjoy listening to this great memory of a great film as much as I enjoy posting it.

P.S. Boy, was that great commentary worth waiting for, or what? It takes a long time to write stuff this boring.

[Update: Man, these links have been sitting around forever. I hope they're still good. And in the interim, 'Filmpac' was (as always) so kind to post his own copy! Is that man generous and helpful or what?]

Track List:

The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 01 - Overture
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 02 - Roberta's Theme
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 03 - Mother's Theme
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 04 - The Robbers
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 05 - More Than Ever Now - [Vocal by Vince Hill]
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 06 - The Paper Chase
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 07 - A Kindly Old Gentleman
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 08 - Perks Must Be About It
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 09 - The Birthday Waltz
The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) - 10 - Finale

pw = youdont

The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) (Rapidshare)

The Railway Children (1970) (Johnny Douglas) (Megaupload)

around 46 MB

This is a teaser, right? Are you going to post Railway Children? I hope so.
This has been sitting here for a couple of days intriguing the shit out of me. I was hoping it would be a share as I haven't got it.

I have been racking my brains as to what it means and I suggest the following possibilities:

(1) You were meaning to post it as a share but your cat thought your mouse was a real one and swallowed it,

(2) You wanted to ask for it as a request but you were too shy and hoped people would guess that was why it was here,

(3) You were preparing it as a share but lightning struck your computer,

(4) Blogger closed you out just as you were about to post it,

(5) You're sick of people not commenting on shares (I'm guilty as charged) so you thought if you just put the cover you'd get some comments anyway.

Oh I could go on but there's probably a simple explanation that I haven't thought of.
Great reply Xtabay,
You just gave me a shock on your blog!!
Thought you had posted the Swinging Eye by Si Zentner :(

But it was just the cover, so you have something in common with nomw1.

Only kidding guys but if anyone has the Swinging Eye, would love to hear it
Sorry about that guys! :((

Not a teaser, so much as my brain not working (and not checking the blog before I logged out.). So sorry, First Moon!

But on the bright side, I love it when Xtabay drops by! And I guess the explanation was somewhere in those 5!

And I wouldn't mind have the Swinging Eye either, Jason! :))
It was comment 1 wasn't it! Keep up the good work and I drop by a lot more than you think ;)

I actually found a great gif that illustrates comment 1 and I'll have to post it on my site if I can find it again.
Hi, nomwl1 & everybody there, I'm looking for some links to this ones:
-Crash (Howard Shore)
-The Incredibles (Giaccino)
-The Omen (Goldsmith)
(And this ins not exactly a score, but there's Schifrin...):
-Talkin' Verve (Schifrin & Gillespie).
Do you have any of these? Have or not, thank you for your continuous dripping.
For you Nomwl1, enjoy!

Johnny Douglas "The Railway Children" (1970), LP @320:
Hi Filmpac!

Sorry I didn't respond earlier (though I suspect you may not read this), but thanks for helping people out with a link! You're generous as always, my friend! :))
This was a record that I used to listen to when I was a child in the 70's... Does anyone, by chance, have the narrated version?
Would love to listen to it again and share with my children...
Have done the same with Big Red...
Thanks in advance,
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