Sunday, April 29, 2007

What's On My Mind

Sorry for being away for so long, but I've been sick for the last week or two. Still not feeling 100 percent. Between the situations with Greg, this anonymous spammer, and the numerous people driven away from the blog (despite the traffic actually being higher since I was last in), I am seriously pondering the future of the blog. The irony is that all of these problems were created from within by regular readers rather than from without by random trolls or link-killers.

Thanks to Greg (though I say this without any anger or malice) and the anonymous spammer, my heart currently isn't in blogging right at this moment (though I suspect that will change). It catches me at a bad moment and I will definitely have more to say on the subject once I've thought it over and collected my thoughts (everybody can look forward to an incredibly long essay on the subject).

I had hoped to do something a little different with this blog and I had hoped people who came here would respond in kind. 99.99% of the readers did respond in exactly the way that I was hoping and made blogging a wonderful experience. But all it takes is for 2 people to attack your blog, whether that was their intention or not, in the way in which they did it, to get me to the point of seriously considering the future of the blog.

Oh, well. I'm probably just in a bad mood. Well, sad really. I guess I'm more saddened by the people who have chosen to stay away rather than the people who have stayed. Probably a momentary case of looking at the glass as half-empty. Or maybe it's just the fact that the traffic on the blog always seems to go up when I go away (and drop back down when I come back). I think people prefer it when I'm not here.

Well, enjoy the self-pity party while it lasts. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon and my outlook won't be so bleak.

Update: I'm still working on that incredibly long essay concerning the recent (or by now, not-so-recent turmoil in the Request Post) though frankly I can only write about it in small doses. I'm also having some weird trouble reading through the new Blogger. It seems to be producing some very weird characters that make it hard for me to do anything on Blogger at the moment. I still can't figure out what's causing it. That only used to happen when I tried going to without logging in. Now it does it even after I've logged in. (Way to go,!)

But I did want to say that in skimming just some of the comments people have left here and at the Request Post (I'll be reading all the comments more thoroughly at home assuming this weird character problem isn't persistent), I was very moved by what everybody had to say. It does make me want to keep blogging (despite the fact that every time I come in, there seems to be some new frustrating obstacle that puts in my way!). At the moment, I have to say my enthusiasm isn't quite what it should be, but I am feeling a little bit better (health-wise & blog-wise). I wasn't expecting so many comments of encouragement and well-wishes and I have to say that it really makes a difference. As I've always said, the people who come here are really the best! (Even my trolls tend to be nicer here.....anywhere else, they'd say much worse things.)

You guys have really made me feel better about things and for that I thank all of you. (Well, all the people who said nice things, anyway.)

In my absence, I've been mulling over some of the things I wanted to do. While things seemed to have settled down and some (maybe all?) of the people who left are nicely installed at Scorebaby Annex, I still feel bad about the way in which it happened and that they didn't have an immediately available and completely safe haven in which to share and enjoy each other's company (as evidenced by the occasional skirmishes and territorial growing pains with comments and postings between here and there).

Well, I don't know if anybody at this point would be interested, but I've been considering the prospect of creating a separate private blog for just that purpose. It would be specifically for the older readers who enjoyed the community spirit that existed here once upon a time (which is slightly different from the community spirit that exists now). I was thinking of inviting a very small number of people (maybe 10 to 20) and I have the list in my mind as to who I would ask (including some newer readers). It would basically be people who were regular commenters or posters who got along remarkably well. Sorry to all the anonymous people since this would naturally preclude you. Since it would be such a small number of people, we could do things on there that we couldn't do normally (and many things that we couldn't do on a public blog like this one). I still have to research how it could be done, but it wouldn't be susceptible to Google & Blog searches as far as I know, and I have many exciting ideas about what I want to do with it.

I would probably establish it with many Request Posts initially, which would make it unnecessary for me to maintain the blog in the event of my prolonged absence. People could just move onto the next one when one got full. And if some of the people I have in mind are interested, I was also considering giving some people author status which would allow them to make regular posts, if they wanted.

Ironically, when I came online today and I had a little bit of a chance to surf around at some of the things I've missed, I realized this idea is probably very similar (if not identical) to what John Hartigan did with the Soundtrack Lovers Paradise Members Only Club. I wish I had realized this before; it would've saved me a lot of thought on the subject.

Well, I'd still be interested in doing this mainly as a way of doing something for those loyal readers who made this such a wonderful atmosphere in the past (and for the good people who still come here as well). I felt bad that there wasn't a place for the people who left to share things without worrying about unwanted comments and prying eyes.

The only thing that stops me from wanting to do it is the thought that I might be messing something up for Scorebaby. I would hate to do anything that would put a hitch in the wonderful thing that they've got going over there.

Well, if anybody's interested (and the people who would be likely candidates probably know who they are), leave me a comment here or an E-mail so I can tell if it might be worth trying.

And again, thanks to everyone for their kind words and helpful thoughts. You always make blogging worthwhile!

P.S. I just discovered that in order to create invitations for people I have to put in their E-mail addresses. I was hoping to just be able to put in people's nicknames from blogger profiles, etc. Well, if you're interested either leave me an E-mail address or if you don't want post it, leave me a comment and we'll work something out. Thanks!

As a newbie here, I was having just the greatest time sharing and enjoying 99% of the friends who post here. It only takes one to spoil the fun. I ignored most of greg's comments, but it really seems like this guy goes out of his way to start a conflict.
Anyhow, I'm just very saddened that this has happened to your blog. I love your posts, and you seem like such a wonderful human being.
I just would like a place for those who wish to post, and be kind and appreciative.
All the best.
As you read everything, except for Gregs deleated remarks, it will become clear that Greg had many opportunities to apologize and change his behaviour.
He offered excuses and continued doing the same things.
I have never met any other human being with such utter disreguard for the feelings of others.

I hate myself for feeling hate. I couldn't go on. He walked on other peoples feelings with no regret.
He demonstrated to other readers that his attitude was fine, that others could feel free to critcise and belittle, that without his divine guidance they would never find another link to some other blog. This pompous sonofabitch killed the fun!

You would think saying this makes me feel better, my brother, but it doesn't.

"One bad apple..." it's true.

We have gone away, but even there Greg has managed to arrive and force us to use comment moderation.
This is vindictive. What other purpose could he have done that for? To see if everybody missed him?

Rocket said "it will never be the same". Sadly, I agree.

I will always support you in whatever you decide to do.
Best wishes for healthier days,
your brother isbum
hello there. i've been to your blog a few times in the past and just came back to it today and i want to offer words of encouragement- though of course if you're getting tired, that's what happens; i know this kind of thing is hard work. because i'm new to your blog, i wasn't privy to what seems like a malicious little fiasco, but i'm so very impressed i just hafta put in my two cents.

i've been looking through your entries and i think they are some of the most creative, energetic, and intelligent pieces i've seen. you've really put together music that is difficult to find and will introduce people to a whole range of subjects, and you've done so in a manner that is incredibly informative and really very spectacular.

thank you for all the work you do.

hey nomwl1---

i left a comment in the 'requests' section before-- sorry i didn't see this one. isbum is right, i did say it 'would never be the same' but who knows---forever the optimist----maybe it'll be better? i hope you're doing great.

talk to you soon,


ps---you know i don't think i ever posted Santa Esmerelda's 'House Of The Rising Sun' (that was when i was brand spankin' new to this whole blog thing) just in case---i'm gonna post it later today! it's an awesome cut.

hope you dig it.





There are some who say that those of us who chose to leave did so out of childishness, pettiness, whatever. They could not be further from the truth. I can only speak for myself, but the actions I took in leaving were done with the best of intentions, in order to preserve what I have previously called "the finest blog on the planet". The Greg war was clearly spiralling out of control, to stay would only have caused even more lasting damage.

Considering the number of people who either left, or expressed concerns at one time or another, one has to ask... surely we can't ALL be wrong. Can we? And those who spoke out are probably only the tip of the iceberg.

As Isbum so rightly points out, Greg's actions in then making an appearance at ScoreBaby's annex, where us disenchanted regulars had found a new home, smacks of total arrogance.

Can this situation be fixed? Perhaps, in time. But I feel it would take a major commitment on the part of either yourself (to force Greg out, either through comment moderation or a personal plea), or Greg himself (through an acknowledgement of what he has done, an apology, and a sincere determination not to repeat same).

Whatever happens, please know that I will always cherish your blog, and more importantly YOU, for your kindness, your generosity, and quite frankly your open honesty and decency.

Best wishes, all the best in the future, and get well soon.
Hi, I'm a bit long in the tooth and new to the world of the internet and blogs so I was thrilled when I found this excellent oasis a few weeks ago and have been enjoying your posts and many wonderful and rare scores from you so I'm dropping by to say thank you for all your efforts and all you have shared.
While it is sad there is conflict you must ignore any negativity and carry on your great work with your blog, you make many people happy my friend and that is enough of a reason to laugh in the face of adversity and continue onward and upward.
I wish you the best of everything.
Not familiar with the problems you discuss. I for one check this blog at least once every day. Keep up the good work.
I'm a big fan - I come here because you have GREAT stuff to share. Please don't quit because of some stupid fool.

Take care
"Isbum" said...

As you read everything, except for Gregs deleated remarks, it will become clear that Greg had many opportunities to apologize and change his behaviour.
He offered excuses and continued doing the same things.
I have never met any other human being with such utter disreguard for the feelings of others.

I hate myself for feeling hate. I couldn't go on. He walked on other peoples feelings with no regret.
He demonstrated to other readers that his attitude was fine, that others could feel free to critcise and belittle, that without his divine guidance they would never find another link to some other blog. This pompous sonofabitch killed the fun!

You would think saying this makes me feel better, my brother, but it doesn't.

"One bad apple..." it's true.

We have gone away, but even there Greg has managed to arrive and force us to use comment moderation.
This is vindictive. What other purpose could he have done that for? To see if everybody missed him?

Rocket said "it will never be the same". Sadly, I agree.

I will always support you in whatever you decide to do.
Best wishes for healthier days,
your brother isbum

About that tiff with Greg, could we have a little whine with that cheese, please?

nomwl1, a thieving deadbeat, a music pirate, swarming on artists' and producers' intellectual property like flies do on shit, complains about the nuisance, dishonesty, skewed thinking, untrustworthiness and lack of integrity of another music pirate.

No irony there. -- If you love it, pay for it!
Hey Mitch! Bite Me!
heya! I've been reading your blog for a month or two. You have FABULOUS taste in music, and make the best mixtapes. I'm sorry that there is an annoying spammer screwing up all of your hard work. Hope you feel better and can continue with this blog. :-) You have many loyal readers! :-)
Have you ever noticed how these blogger trouble makers are always too mcuh of a lily-livered coward to post a name? That is why I set my blog to Moderatored Comments. Unless a person has the guts to at least sign the end of their comment with a name then they don't need to be heard from anyway.

Keep up the great work here.
As someone who's consirered as "anonymous" (no matter if i've got a nickname on "others"), i couldn't say i'm happy about this... :( But it's your blog so feel free to act like you want...
Just remember than the big troubles didn't start because of an anonymous but a blogger member. And for a comment i've read on score baby's requests, it seems the private blog John Hartigan made got the same troublemaker.......
Hi nomwl1,

Glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.

As you well know, I love your blog and all I look for is peace, comeraderie and generosity with both sharing and helping each other. In other words, the way it used to be here.

So please count me in if you decide to act on your suggestions above.

You can contact me at

You're one of nature's gentlemen and you're the last person that this should have happened to.

Anyway, whatever you eventually decide to do, I wish you every success.

My best,
Good morning, nomwl1,
I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. I do truly love reading your blog. It's regretable that some people have dampened your enjoyment here. You are kind, generous, and enormously respectful. Please keep posting, regardless of how you handle request section. If you do decide to create a private forum, please keep me in mind. I would enjoy participating. My email is

Thanks for everything that you have been doing here. You set out to create a different blog, and you've succeeded! This blog stands out like a single red rose in a field of daisies.
I'd be interested to join this forum you are proposing.

Greg has decided to harass the people who have gone to Score Baby.

We will eventually find a blogger who has the ability to end this.
Sorry nomwl1, I wish it could have been you.
I am "harassing" no one....I posted shares for people, and others have gotten it into their own warped minds that it's "harassment".
From what I see you are the one who seems to be keeping this harrassment going. Everyone else has moved on, but you keep wanting to bring it up. Get over it.

I appreciate the thought that you have put into all of this.

I enjoy sharing things (that are not in print and not taking any money away from the artists) like some would like to think.

I love the kindess and genorosity that this hobby brings. However, when people come in and say things and do things that purposely hurt or offend others, I obviously don't want to be a part of that, because it is not my nature to be hateful.

Rather than enduring the nonsense that was occuring, I decided it was best to move on.

I would love to help you in any way that I can. I am in this hobby to communicate with other music lovers and build friendships.

I appreciate all that you have done for us, and I hope that you continue to recover.
Thanks, for all the soundtracks. Wow! Where is the time found to rip, upload, write, etc. I can't keep up with your offerings much less the plethura of others out on the web.
Keep up the good fight. Maybe I'll join the brave few one day and share my thousands worth of collection.
I'm with Isbum. During my night, i saw that greg post 3 times, and it was 3 links for his blog (and few more as anonymous?)! Why not in a single time by the way?
He know he's not welcome wen we moves, so yes for me it's harrasment, no matter what the posts are about!

And it's curios to see greg posted Misha Segal's Phantom of the opera about a week AFTER my offer to upload one of my few rare cd (it was on my list)! Coincidence?.....

greg, share your posts here if you want, but leave us alone on Score baby's blog please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Breton, what Dave said earlier in regards to Isbum also applies to you: You keep wanting to bring this up. Get over it and move on.

Why should I HAVE to post a single time, if I keep coming up with something additional to post? Also, even if I DO decide to delete posts and recombine into a single post, someone manages to find a way to attack and criticize me for it. "Link for my blog"?....Yeah, if I happen to post something on my blog to share, I post the page link, not the download link. Get over THAT too.

Yep, a sheer coincidence that I posted that PHANTOM score....and even so, who ever said that one person had "first-posting rights"? People are always "beating others to the punch" as it were in their postings all over blogland (as well as ScoreBaby Annex), so go comment on someone else's similar posting. What difference does it make WHO posts something "first", as it were? Multiple postings are common all over blogs. Get over that too.
greg, you could do what you want here and on your blog... Feel free to post anything you want, i don't care! And for what you said, i'm not sure it's a coincidence you post the Misha Segal soundtrack (if it was, it's something who didn't deserve a reply), but i don't care - i was just pointing this out!

And for every post you will made on score baby's blog, i'll reply here! We moved because of you (and not only Isbum and me), and we don't want you, no matter what subject is!!!!!!! Get over us!!!!!!!
Oh, and by the way, my nickname is Breton Girl, not Breton!
breton girl said:
(if it was, it's something who didn't deserve a reply)

It therefore didn't deserve your comment on it either.

My dear, you're just as bad as Isbum.....
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thanks for the compliment! Isbum is a nice guy who is far much better than you... He made a lot of great posts and since a lot of time, i feel really flatered to be putted on the same level than this great guy! :)
That was meant to be a MAJOR insult.

You don't get it, do you? :-P
We haven't got the same idea of an insult... If i say you're like Sarkozy or G W Bush, maybe you'll be flattered, but for me it's a major insult!
Same thing I said over there....Grow the hell up already. You're an idiot with no life, hovering over your computer just WAITING for my next reply so you can pounce like a damned vulture.
Hello again nomwl1:

Personally, doesnt affect me too much the comments of the people that post injuries or post spams,I continue reading the blog with sense of humor but allways fix my attention in the commentaries of the good people.

Maybe could there be a private request blog in the form as you say and another public for the anonimous people that want to request soundtracks at one moment of time.

I don´t have internet and my knowledge in computers is absolutely limited but I would like to share with you my enthusiasm for blogs like this and for people like youu¡

My e-mail:
That "F You" was NOT me.....the one before that WAS me.
greg, you know nothing about my life and my problems so please shut up! Think what you whant but i didn't accept this, you've gone too far!!!!!!!!!!
Nomwl1 deserves better than this,
so please give it up breton girl.

Greg will never understand, he's a lost cause. Not content on destroying this blog, he is now on a mission to destroy ScoreBaby Annex too. Hope you are now satisfied, you jackass.
Don't worry, filmpac, i give up - this guy didn't deserve my time - and Nomwl1 deserve a better place...
I dont know about all this nonsense with Gregg and others. But I think this blog is great. Keep up the good work!
Wow - strange times for all. Sorry you are having a problem - that's what ruined mine as well :(

Shoot me a line (you and the other cool ones like Breton Girl)

Nice to see you're still around, jazz... :)
I'm an italian fan of your blog! Please, include me in your mailing list! I've always really enjoyed your music (except for some specific sountracks) . I haven't commented until now because my english.....really sucks! Btw, I have a blog too. Where I post odd music and my thoughts. Get a look, if you want ! My email is verdier.c at gmail dot com
What a very intresting blog !
Excuse me for my very poor english ;))

Thanks for your work ;)
Nomwl1, it's a shame to see the comments threads at your fine blog turned in a pissing match by a few with more free time than good sense.

I think there are a few like me who love to visit here. We download what interests us, only posting out-of-print scores; we say thanks; but in general keep a low profile and just enjoy the community. I wasat first amused but then disgusted to see the increasingly childish behavior by a few ruin the joy for many others.

Of course, that's the bane of the internet,the power that being anonymous gives those who just can't grow up and act like adults.

More and more it seems that yep, the better solution is an invitation-only blog. Last year we tried a few but they grew too fast too soon and attracted too much attention it seems and both crashed and burned. And now ScoreBaby's nice comments sections are gone...and WHY? I guess we all know why.

To a lesser degree I've been at the recieving end of the self-centered attitude dished out by the one causing everyone grief -at the time I just shook my head & brushed it off,but that was just at the beginning of the chaos.

For now, SLP's club is doing just fine it seems and if you choose to go this route here, then I'd be glad to be considered.

Glad you're back & feeling better but it's too bad you had to come back to this kind of crap.
Hope you're feeling better.

I fully understand your frustration and low incentive to carry on.

I have gone through the same feelings of late, and I've "given notice"....I just need a break from the blogging.

Good advice, I think. You'll probably reconsider in a few weeks. Always drop in and poke around and take away something. And yeah, maybe I don't always leave a comment or say thanks, but you DO have a great blog....not just the regular LPs and CDs, but well thought-out compilations, the like of which I've never found anywhere else.

Hey!! Take a break!! Go enjoy life and get away from the negativity for awhile.

All the best!

- MEESTER MUSIC (currently on Sabbatical)
Sorry to say this Nomwl1, but I just reported this blog to Blogger for Terms of Service violation....basically reporting the harassment and terrorizing that you've allowed to continue in the Requests thread. You wouldn't do something about it, so I did.

Good luck, I'm sorry to say.
Greg said...

Sorry to say this Nomwl1, but I just reported this blog to Blogger for Terms of Service violation....basically reporting the harassment and terrorizing that you've allowed to continue in the Requests thread. You wouldn't do something about it, so I did.

Well, this certainly begs the question: Who the f#@k do you think you are???

There is one person and one person only who will determine what will or will not be tolerated on this blog, AND THAT PERSON IS NOMWL1.

I haven't been following the nonsense that's been going on in the request section (nor do I care, frankly), but I do know that no matter what's happened in there you have no business whining about it to anyone at Blogger.

Honestly Greg, use common sense. If you report this blog, someone will retaliate by reporting your blog; both blogs will be shut down and no music will be shared.

Mutually Assured Destruction, it's not just for military superpowers anymore.
If you "I haven't been following the nonsense that's been going on in the request section (nor do I care, frankly)", then YOU have no business telling me how to handle the situation of the incredible ugliness and crap being hurled at me. In all honesty, ALL blogs exist here through the courtesy of Blogger.....and it's THEIR say as to how something should be handled if a blogmaster doesn't, in this instance.
I've never left a comment on a blog before but after reading about this I am compelled to say something. Greg, why don't you just go away? Nobody wants you here. Why are you being such a baby about all this? You must be a real joy to hang out with. Do you snitch on everybody you encounter or just anonymously on the internet? Why don't you buy some records, concentrate on your own blog, and leave everyone alone here. This is a party you haven't been invited to, even if you brought a couple of beers. Nobody wants you around. If you want to be a kamikaze pilot, do it elsewhere. Don't take everybody down with you just because of some petty self esteem issues. Is it so difficult to just GO AWAY?
Greg, do you realize what a total baby you are? Shrug it off. Be a man. Get a life.
Sounds like Greg got beaten up too many times growing up. He's totally the kid in class who'd rat everyone out to the teacher.
I'll follow you wherever you take this. Thanks for everything so far.

drwalpurgis73 -at- btinternet -dot- com
wow, i'm ashamed to have the christian name Greg myself now.

if you don't like an area, or if it's really getting to you psychologically , why would you keep coming back to it? unless, of course, you have a twisted sense of reality and how people interact. also, it could be that someone has way too much free time to think about minor things like this and basically attacks others in petty ways simply for spite.

the best part... you apparently have a blog of music yourself. you're just asking for either karma or another person like to do the same to you later on in the future.

honestly Greg, get a grip and look into ebay for auctions offering a new life.
I said it on my blog (Thursday, March 29, 2007) and I'll say it again.

Sluts give it away for free, maybe only asking for a "nice comment" between the re-ups.
In the future, all sluts will simply be known as "rapidsharers" or "megauploaders." And remember, with sluts it's all for sampling only, and all memory of the one-nighter should be deleted within 24 hours.
In other words, if you liked it, next time buy it.

The only honest comment here is from Mitch (above), about thieving deadbeats, music pirates who swarm on artists' and producers' intellectual property like flies do on shit.
we'll pay Greg a visit

and have all his files deleted.

Just click the link he offers, click the button in the page and do a view source, and there's his download link.

By Bye Greg...
F**K YOU TOO....


But it is the filesharing that gets hurt in the end YOU NIMROD!!!
Don´t you get it??
There´s a saying, don´t stab eachother in the back, there is no win situation in this...
Just go away home and cry to mama instead if you´re hurt Greg
Posted elsewhere, but it's right on-the-mark:

Another point is that we must admit, whether we like it or not, that, according to the existing regulation(s), what we are doing is not totally in accordance with the law(s), let's put it this way. When I say we, I mean the uploader, the downloader AND the webhoster, whether the music is or is not commercially available, no matter, it's against what is permitted. So I understand the webhoster, when there is an abuse reported. They have no time or means of verification to check whether the complaint comes from an authorized source. They take the easy way and delete the file, because where the risk for the up or downloader is to loose his hobby, the risk for the webhoster is to lose his business, not the same thing!

has been reported to the RIAA.
Save your money,Isbum.
When, to save itself,
Blogger throws you under the bus, your new handle will be "Bumfucked"
POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
Obviously, whomever this anonymous TROLL is who THINKS he's being clever by using my name and the "Other" posting option to try and make me look foolish is a complete idiot....because ONLY someone who has registered and is logged in will have their username show up as a clickable link to their profile....which ISN'T the case with this asshole troll poster.

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
oh, BRILLIANT....Obviously, that WASN'T "Me", but some asshole troll registering with MY name and being a further asshole troll.
What on EARTH is going on here. I've had ENOUGH of this harrassment and terrorism. This is RIDICULOUS.

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
Same thing I said in the other threads/posts, Nomwl1....This is truly ridiculous.
Exactly. ENOUGH with the bullsh*t!

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
@ Nomwl1

If you read all post carefully, you'll find that greg has planned to invade and take over your blog from the start.

It has always been about advertising his own blog, stealing links and competing with other uploaders to be the best, fastes, etc., and forcing you to do either this or that.
And never forget, he reported this place to blogger!!!!!!!!!

Now he even declares this blog to be his, since you are away for so long.

And it is also very obvious that the more insulted he feels the more profanity-spams we get.

You really can't let him get away with that, Nomwl1.

Thanks, greg, but you can stop know, you've been discovered!
Dial 911 and answer the questions with: "I'm full of shit, please help me!"

It will get better then, trust me.
@ gregory peckory

everyone who's ever visited this blog knows what a huge dickface of a prick you are, greg, so, your mission is already accomplished and continuing this only proves what we already know, namely you being a childish jerk with no life.

maybe you should talk to a priest.
by Gregory Krieger
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ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK - The Complete Soundtrack

A Tribute To Bobby "Boris" Pickett

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The Original Project 3 release

CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS! (1972) - Unofficial Soundtrack: Music by Carl Zittrer with Dialogue Excerptsl

THE BLIND DEAD - Music themes by Antón García Abril


ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY (1945) - 3 music tracks

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THE BLACK CAT (1934) - Unofficial Complete Music Score Soundtrack

ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN (1948) - Unofficial Complete Soundtrack with Frank Skinner's score and all the dialogue

THE GORE GORE GIRLS (1972) - Unofficial Soundtrack with Music by Herschell Gordon Lewis

THE GHOUL - Unofficial Soundtrack Compilation of Cleveland's legendary tv horror host

THE MANITOU (1978) - Lalo Schifrin's complete score (with dialogue & sound effects)

FANTASIA (1940) - Leopold Stokowski & The Philadelphia Orchestra

DRACULA (1979) - John Williams

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968) - 30th Anniversary Edition Soundtrack


AIRPORT (1970) - Alfred Newman

AIRPORT 1975 (1974) - John Cacavas

AVALANCHE (1978) - William Kraft

DAMNATION ALLEY (1977) - Jerry Goldsmith

EARTHQUAKE (1974) - John Williams

THE HINDENBURG (1975) - David Shire

METEOR (1979) - Laurence Rosenthal

THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) - John Williams

THE TOWERING INFERNO (1974) - John Williams

Good luck, jerkwad....I just reported you/this page to Blogger for TOS violation for "Impersonation".....In case you didn't realize, this username/Profile number for you is DIFFERENT than mine.

Good luck, jerk!
One way or another.....this WILL stop.....with or without Nomwl1's help (or lack of!).
Same thing I said elsewhere:

Oh, and another thing a**hole -- what you're doing is ILLEGAL and constitutes HARASSMENT. So knock it the F*CK off or I'll contact the authorities. Why don't you go piss off back to isbum's place where your immature TROLLING really belongs. Jerk. I'm trying to share soundtracks here you MORON.

Sorry folks -- someone is impersonating ME and I'm going to put a stop to it because Nomwl1 is CLEARLY shirking his responsibility as blogmaster. This garbage stops NOW. PERIOD.

"You're ALL flops....I am the Earth Mother, and you are all FLOPS!"


@ greg

as you said before:

"piss-poor blog gone down the crapper",

ain't it?
Point of fact:

I haven't posted anything here since Monday, June 11, 2007....almost one week ago....and anyone can clearly see the load-o-crap that's being dished out here by trollers and spammers.

To the Impersonators and Trollers:

You obviously can't tell that by hovering your cursor over my name (as in this posting) or clicking on it for the profile page, the user I.D. number is DIFFERENT than the one which shows up under any of the other imposters and/or unless one is a complete and total moron, it's easy to figure out who is the real one here.

@Khan and all the other Fuckfaces:

AGAIN: I haven't posted ANYTHING here in five days....No links or ANYTHING....Your impersonations of me and my "postings" are truly idiotic because MY profile number is completely DIFFERENT from the imposters, you fucking idiots!

When the blogmaster, Nomwl1 gets back in here, I seriously hope he shuts down the ability to post anonymously or shuts his blog down.....because you fuckwads have truly screwed things up here for EVERYONE!!!!
Okay, shut down Requests, but you STILL left those grotesque and offensive posts about me and others up there. Why not just delete the Requests posts completely? What is the point of leaving those disgusting "poems" about me and posts like "Greg s**ks c**k" up there?
@ Greg

What? You starting again already?
Have you read Nom's essay yet?
The first thing you do is to complain, after all the time you were begging nomwl to do sth?

Seriously, it does nor get any more fucked-up than you! You are a total scum.
Hi, I'm Greg's ego. It's about time I addressed all of you. I have endured so much harassment, terrorism and grotesque language that I can no longer quell my angst.

I must confess that I have desperate feelings of alienation and extraordinarily low self esteem. My dearth of "real friends" in the "real world" has driven me to seek acceptance and appreciation in the blogosphere. All I want is for you to like me, instead, you terrorize me by saying things like "Greg sucks" and "Greg, get a life." This is sheer terror for me. How could you be so brutal with your "Greg bites" and "Greg likes man boobs." It is grotesque.

Apparently, my eagerness to win friends has backfired and now, although I can't believe it, some people don't like me. I can't handle this. I've done so much for all of you; how dare you treat me this way?

As such, I have dedicated myself to ridding the world of any forum that would allow the posting of a single unkind word about me. You see, the blogosphere is all I have in this world. This is what I live for. I spend the majority of my days studying the subtleties of each syllable uttered about me. I am consumed by it. It is the very essence of my being. And you have chosen to nip away at that essence like jackals. Instead of turning my back and walking away, I have chosen to fight. Fight for what I believe in! And what I believe is that everyone should love me and say only nice things about me. And if the moderator of this forum can't enforce that policy, well, I'm sorry but it's Greg first, as it has always been.

FYI, I am starting a not-for-profit group which will battle all unkind and derogatory slanders levied specifically against me, particularly the anonymous ones. I have decided to call this group, "Against Negative Unsigned Statements" or A.N.U.S. I hope to recruit many members into my A.N.U.S. In fact, a fraternal organization, "People Encouraging Nicer Internet Statements" has already expressed interest. Please join me to increase the size of my A.N.U.S. and together we can put an end to the grotesque innuendo and critique that plague these boards.
Greg: please, really, kill youself !!
this is the better thing you can made for anyone !! ...for your familly in first !! lol

This guy is the bottom of the garbage, an human abomination !!

Someone can kill him for me ?? please ?? :)
Yep, a sheer coincidence that I posted that PHANTOM score....and even so, who ever said that one person had "first-posting rights"? People are always "beating others to the punch" as it were in their postings all over blogland (as well as ScoreBaby Annex), so go comment on someone else's similar posting. What difference does it make WHO posts something "first", as it were? Multiple postings are common all over blogs. Get over that too.
# posted by Greg : Tuesday, May 01, 2007 5:17:00 AM...

are you joking Greg ??
for sure !! 90% of the scores posted on blogs come from emule !!
stupid useless man... :D
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