Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greg, I am deeply disappointed.

I haven't read any of the new comments since I've been away, but I was reading the last comment under the previous post and noticed that Greg has chosen to report my blog to Blogger.com. I can't believe that a fellow blogger would do this. I've been collecting my thoughts as to what I was going to do about this situation and in the mean time, Greg has chosen to do this. I've had no anger or animosity towards Greg not being able to get caught up on the comments since I was last in and so I didn't want to say anything harsh toward or about Greg (or anyone for that matter) until I had time to review the comments and the situation.

But Greg apparently has taken the opportunity of my absence to attack me even further. I didn't believe that Greg was intentionally trying to attack my blog before, but I am forced to conclude that it was his intention to seriously attack me and this blog. I can't believe that a fellow blogger (one who runs his own music blog at www.soundtrackrarities.blogspot.com) would actually report another music blogger for terms of service violation, but if his comment under the previous post is to be believed, he has done what I can only assume in this small blogging community is unthinkable.

Up until now, I have chosen to believe in the best in Greg, but since I don't know how much longer this blog will exist since Greg has chosen to attack me, I suggest that anybody who wants anything from my blog should get it while they can. I will not retaliate by reporting Greg's blog, but I can only hope that in the cosmic scheme of things, kharma really does exist. I DON'T encourage anybody to report Greg's blog for similar terms of service violations because, despite what he has done, I don't believe that any music blogger should ever do that to a fellow blogger, and I still wouldn't want to say anything else about Greg because I haven't had a chance to read the most recent comments, but just based on him saying that he has done such a thing, I can only say that I am deeply disappointed in him.

While I'm not naive in the ways of the world or in people in general (at least I don't like to think that I am), I believed at the very least that Greg shared a love of the same music that we all did and that we shared a basic kinship because of it. But he has chosen to use my absence as an excuse to accuse me of allowing attacks to continue on him. Not all of us are able to come in as frequently as he is, and while it was not my intention to let the problem continue with my recent illness and frankly my general malaise at the recent situation here, it's true that I haven't had much motivation to write about my general thoughts on the subject. I was half way through when I thought I'd come in today and check up on things and then I see Greg's comment that he has reported me. As much as I hate to think it, again I can only conclude that somewhere in his mind, it has been his intention to attack me along with other people here and at other blogs. He has seemed content to hang out here since the beginning of the year, but rather than ignore the comments directed at him (as many others have done with his comments that they have found objectionable), he has apparently chosen to report my blog instead.

My only initial reactions to this are bewilderment and some slight anger. I am frankly more angry for all the wonderful people who visit here and who may find this blog gone at some point as a direct result of Greg. It is hard to think of it any other way. I wish I could say that it was only partly his fault, but I must come to the inescapable conclusion that if anything happens to this blog, it is as a direct result of Greg's attitude, behavior and actions. He seemingly has been on some kind of campaign to torpedo this blog for some unknown reason. I didn't think that this was intentional, but now I'm not sure what to make of it. I won't know until I've read the most recent Request Post comments to see to what bad comments Greg is talking about (I'll be reading those at home when I have more time), but I can't imagine a situation that would prompt him to essentially drop a nuclear bomb on this blog.

I can't say that he has a vendetta against blogs in general because he comments on and follows a lot of different blogs so this action against me is extremely strange to say the least. Again, I don't like to comment too much until I've read all the comments, but frankly nothing anybody ever said about me on another blog would ever prompt me to report that blog. NOTHING. And no other blogger I can think of, even ones that had blood feuds going on, has to my knowledge ever reported another blogger like this. It's true that Greg is relatively new to blogging (perhaps since the beginning of the year), but I am still stunned by this action.

He has shown a shameful lack of consideration and respect for other people. As much as I hate to say it, it's true, but until now I thought he at least had a basic minimum respect for me, other blogs, and bloggers in general.

Well, I don't know what will happen in the future, but if you don't like this situation I urge you not to retaliate against Greg because I don't like the idea of any music blog being shut down regardless of what the blogger might have done, but at the most if you do feel like doing something, then leave a comment at his blog indicating to him how you feel about this situation, either pro or con. If you agree with him, support him, if you don't like what he did, let him know (but please be civil).

Perhaps he doesn't realize that by reporting me, he is most likely going to get this blog shut down or perhaps he knows full well and doesn't care. Either way, if the blog doesn't manage to continue, I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have visited and who have made this experience a wonderful one (despite how it may end). If it unexpectedly ends before I can come in again, I would hope to continue somewhere, but frankly I don't know. Maybe it's best that I go back to being a spectator. If I had known I was going to write a potential farewell speech, I would've thought of something better to say. It was too bad too, I was in the middle of a ton of re-ups and I had all these things planned for posting.

Well, if by some miracle, Blogger.com leaves me alone, I hope I can continue here. If not, I haven't really given it much thought. All the best to one and all (even Greg). I hope he at least reflects on his actions and behavior and how it affects other people. And I don't even mean me. I hope if there is one lesson he (or anyone else [including me]) can take away from all of this is that you need to give more consideration to how you treat people. Although I know he feels that he has been wronged, he should consider how his comments, attitude and behavior have affected other people. Consider the effect that it has had on this blog, for instance. Was it your intention to cripple and shut down this blog? Perhaps not, but ultimately that may be what you have done. I hope that it gives you at least a moment's pause in the future when you find yourself in situations where people are trying to tell you things about yourself. I know it's a hard thing and nobody likes hearing bad things about themselves, but you must at least consider that when so many varied people, people who have been so universally nice and rarely if ever had a bad thing to say about anyone, try to tell you how you have bothered or insulted them, you should at least consider whether it is you who is at fault. Not simply ignore, dismiss, attack, or rationalize.

I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but this is a very unfortunate way to end this blog.

I hope that this blog can continue here (or someplace else), but if not, you've all been wonderful (well, with one exception). Not to make this sound too dramatic (especially if Blogger.com does magically choose to ignore Greg's reporting and I'm still here later on), but I've sincerely treasured getting to know everyone through their comments and sharing music that I've loved and it's been wonderful to find out that there are others out there who love it too. You are all great!

And as potentially my final words (here's keeping my fingers crossed), enjoy and be kind! :))

Nomwl1, you've seriously misunderstood my intentions and reasons for the reporting. Try reading through Requests 5 and you'll see what drove me to it, and in particular read my post from Monday, May 07, 2007 9:39:00 AM. That is precisely what I reported.....which had nothing to do with our mutual film music love or your (great) blog in general. It was the specifics going on in that thread.....which were absolutely intolerable and something I couldn't "ignore" as you put it.
Sorry Nomwl1 that you've been sick and I hope you are well now. However if you'd police your comments area a little better this whole drama could have been avoided. I realize you'd been sick, but you also said you've been back online since April 29, 2007. I've sat here and read the crap that these people have put Greg through, and you seemingly did nothing to stop it. No matter what Greg has or has not done as to spamming, the immature, ignorant things a few people have posted about and towards Greg are totally uncalled for. I for one have always loved your blog, but come on. How hard is it to keep up with the trolls in your comments area?
Here are some suggestions for Greg:

(1) Go away and don't visit this blog anymore.

(2) Don't read comments that offend you.

(3) If you choose to read comments that offend you, either ignore them (like reasonable people do), respond and contribute to the free exchange of ideas (without being a baby and reporting people to Blogger), or don't visit this blog. What's the name of this blog again? Maybe it should be renamed, "Greg, You Don't Have to Visit This Blog".

Hey Greg, you don't have to visit this blog! In fact, nobody wants you to visit this blog. You're careless and dangerous. You're a miasma of bad energy. A gray cloud looming above the picnic. GO AWAY! Do something else with your time. Put your energies into something good. Build a house for the homeless or something. Lift weights. Build up some self esteem so you're not so fragile and easily offended. I officially invite you to Brooklyn for a weekend where you'll learn how far snitching and being a cry baby gets you.
As for Dave, take your dick out of Greg's ass and get real. Why does the moderator need to protect Greg? Why does the moderator need to do anything but host a blog? Don't you believe in the free exchange of ideas? Let people express themselves any way they want and get over it! People don't like Greg for a reason, right? A little self-examination would have put this to bed. Who cares about Greg besides you? This blog owes you nothing. Why don't you both go hump each other on your own blogs?
Hi nomwl1---

First things first---I hope you're feeling better.

Next---Let me say how sad I am at what has been going on at your blog these past few months. Wow---it sure got weird around here fast. Whatever some people might write (or believe) you are in NO WAY responsible for this childish malarkey.

If this blog doesn't get closed down and you're gonna start popping in again---then so am I!

You're Pal,
Rocket From Mars
Hi nomwl1

Sorry for what happened to your blog in a short time...

Too bad someone couldn't understand he's the one who put the troubles up in the clouds. And worst than this, do something incredibly harsh. Gosh, it's spams only (i hope), ignore them and move away! You always trying to justify something unjustifiable, claiming it's others fault... How old are you, 5 years??????

And dave, if you know than nomwl1 connect at his library computer, you may could say another thing. It's easy to do something when you're at home and could connect every days. But when you connect at our library it's only sometimes, when you could, and when you've got a comp... And nowl1 was sick(by illness) and shoked to found what happened to his place. How would you react in the same situation??????

So bye noe, i'm going to return on our new place, when it's peaceful, nice and quiet - and whith a lot of great posts.

Sorry again nomwl1, hope we'll see you in better conditions soon...
I've only recently been enjoying your blog, so I'd hate to see the childish Greg - who found comments "intolerable," which is a dubious reason, at best, to "report" you to Blogger - ruin what is a wonderful site that I visit almost daily.
Nomwl1, you have an admirable attitude. I'm sorry to see things get this far out of hand.

Reporting offensive comments to Blogger, and thus calling attention to the blog, was a totally OTT response to what was, after all, only name calling. I just hope your blog survives the fallout.
Nonwl1. I run a new blog myself. I'm new to this community. What G has done is disgusting. This is supposed to be a community of sharing and reciprocation. The pissy fits should be left out of this. I'm very sorry you have to give up. I can’t blame you though. G has done a very bitchy thing. I wish you luck in your future endeavours.
nomwl1 - Very sorry to hear about everything that has happened here.

I definitely like your idea though of a private blog (Invitation only) if it's still a possibility.

I would very much like to be a member and hope that all the old regulars who have provided such treasures over the past 6 months might also be interested:

Rocket From Mars
Breton Girl
John Hartigan
Ronnie C

Here is my e-mail address should you like to get in touch (and I hope you will)


Kind regards,

Greg - you selfish fucking piece of dogshit.

Do yourself a favour and go lie on the rail tracks.
You people and your ocmments just continue to show my case in point. Greg is no friend of mine so I don't defend him for that reason. There's right and there's wrong, and all of your comments and attitudes towards Greg that I've read are way, way past wrong and to the point of illegal. You think since we're online you can say whatever the hell you want to say to someone? I think if you'll check current laws on the book you'll see otherwise. The whole bunch of you need to grow up, and move on.

And YES the owner of a blog DOES have a responsibility to monitor their comments area if it contains the kind of childish, slanderous insults you people spew out of your keyboards. No they aren't responsible directly for the things said, but they ARE responsible if these kind of comments are allowed to continue to happen, and feelings get hurt. YES they are indeed responsible then for allowing it to continue to the point it has now gotten.

And it's funny how the only childish, vulgar insults I've read here come under the names of those people here who oppose Greg. And it's not the place of anyone who visits here (whether nameless, anonymous cowards or otherwise) to decide whether Greg, or anyone, comes here and reads the comments area. It all comes back on the blog owner. If THEY alone see someone commenting who they don't want to be seen commenting, then they should delete their comments. This bullshit about "if you don't like the comments don't read them" is just one more example of the childishness, and ignorance going on here.
Nomwl1, you're the best, with far more patience and tolerance than I could ever manage.

A lot of us saw the writing on the wall some time ago and sadly chose to leave. Greg followed us there and we were forced to move again. Too late you have now discovered how dangerous this wombat is.

Should you survive, there is only one course of action, as I see it. Remove the ability of posting as Anonymous & Other, then appoint a moderator to police the requests section, sending any comments from Greg (or anyone else for that matter that are unwarranted) to the curb.

Barring that, you will always be welcome at our new "Greg-free" home, where everybody that potsdamerplatz mentioned now reside. Where the atmosphere is always friendly like it used to be here. Where the music is non-stop, and the party never ends.

Best wishes, and cross fingers that G-head does not win this final war.

Best wishes for improved health and better (and less stressful!) days.
I haven't check back here in quite some time, and I can't express how sorry I am for Nomwl1 and fellow bloggers. Greg has made a CHOICE to sabotage this blog and others. But his CHOICE of reporting Nomwl is unforgivable and reprehensible.
I'd suggest Greg lower his head in shame, but as usual he always justifies his actions no matter how wrong or hurtful they are.
Dave - I certainly don't condone some comments made towards Greg, and I have publicly stated so in the requests pages.

While your efforts to defend him are commendable, they just don't wash with many of us who have been here for a long time. Greg has been at the CENTER of every war here since January. He has repeatedly deleted past comments just to muddy the waters, so even reading back it becomes difficult for anybody else to understand what all the fuss is about. Yourself included, so it would seem.

In excess of twenty different people have made their displeasure known. You have to ask yourself, are we ALL wrong? It came to a point where a LARGE number of us chose to leave. Greg followed us to a place where he KNEW he was not welcome, and continued to cause everybody grief, to the point where we were forced to move again.

You continue to talk about childishness, so let's discuss that for a moment. Our actions in leaving were anything but childish, but done with the best interests of Nomwl1 in mind, to prevent a situation that was clearly spiralling out of control months ago. Do you call Greg's actions in following us to our new home mature?

Both you and Greg keep saying people should move on. Well, we did, it's as simple as that. Perhaps if Greg had done the same none of this would ever have happened.

As for the anonymouses giving him a hard time, well, all I can say is that seems a perfectly good reason to remove the ability for them to post. Greg himself does that on his own blog, plus also has comment moderation turned on. That alone makes Nomwl1's suggestion of messaging Greg on his own blog impractical, since negative comments will never be seen. I know this for a fact since I myself have left a comment thanking him for a share, and lamenting on how things worked out between all of us. It was never posted.

As Nomwl1 so rightly says, NOTHING justifies what Greg has done in reporting somebody else's blog to blogger. That is the shameless act of a coward who can't get his own way.
nomwl1 - you truly do rock. Sorry you are having problems.

I subscribe to the 'if you don't have anything nice to say' theory of blogging. Sadly - not everyone does.

Anyway - I really have enjoyed your blog over the last year or so . . . and feel we have connected on that musical appreciation bandwidth. I'm glad I was able to hook you up with some good music in my short-lived blog (before it was removed)

I'm sure I'll reconnect with you somewhere or another in the near future.

Chin up!
See filmpac. I respect your ocmments because they were concise, mature and to the point without the 3rd grade name calling and mud slinging that's been going on.

My defense of Greg is due to what I've seen in Request 5 section. Which is the only one I've read. It just seemed uncalled for to me that things died down, and looked as if we were moving on to the subject at hand which is sharing music. Then all of a sudden out of the blue someone comes in that comment section, and just starts immaturely railing on Greg for no reason. I don't know anything about the past comment areas, but from what I've seen here in Requests 5 and this comment thread, none of the berating is called for.

To come in here, and just out of the blue start cussing out a person for something they've done in a totally separate blog is unnecessary and not called for in defense of any reasons. And this 3rd grade crap of making false, and therefore illegal, accusations of someone being a child molestor, and going to the waste of time of making up a whole fake MySpace page aimed at belittling Greg. Come on. How old are these people anyway? That's all I'm saying.
Immaturity is a double-edged sword, Dave. Greg acted equally immature by resorting to things like "F**K YOU A-HOLE". Don't you think that's just adding fuel to the fire?

And is it the act of a mature adult to go running to the principal when you don't get your own way?

As for the fake yahoo profile thing, I agree, that was way out of line. But can I point out that it happened elsewhere, not here. And the elsewhere it happened was somewhere Greg KNEW he was not welcome in the first place. So I find it a little hard to be TOO sympathetic, hey. It's kinda like a chicken walking into Kentucky Fried and wondering why it's tomorrow's McNuggets.

Now, "greg fan #1" has made two valid points, I feel. Firstly, what kind of person reports THIS blog for terms of service violation, then continues to post links to his OWN blog, that are in themselves a terms of service violation. Secondly, the anonymous fan has been civil, whereas Greg has not.

Anyhow, perhaps if Greg had listened in the past as you just did, again none of this would have happened.

Since you are only familiar with Requests Part #5, note Nomwl1's opening lines there...

"I will have to do some serious thinking about the future of this Request Post (and frankly, the blog itself). It appears that one person has driven away a sizable number of regulars"

Care to guess who that ONE PERSON is? Now, if you have a few days to spare, feel free to peruse all of the other request pages to see what brought our host to that opinion.

Also, please bear in mind that our host has openly stated that he cannot be here as much as he would like, due to illness, and reliance on library computers.

Nomwl1, kudos to you; in keeping with your character, your post is both gracious and honest as opposed to vindictive and vitriolic. Higher road, as always.... Over these past seven months you've given your five pages 'o forum a freedom--and its posters an equal freedom--that has helped to bond a community that remains tight today... a community that still clearly views you with respect and the utmost regard, and one to whom you are still a spiritual leader of sorts, your moniker whispered in corridors with awe like some benevolent deity (or okay, like a local football hero, I was getting lofty for a second there, but the point remains a valid one). While you are not alone in your surprise at the conduct of a few in recent weeks, in the bigger scheme of things, please know that you are also not alone.
A sad day to be sure. You run a fine shop here Nomwl and have been a most gracious host - you certainly didn't deserve this. Hard as it is to say, I would suggest closing the request thread, it's painful just venturing in there and maybe then things will settle back down.

Hopefully YDHTVTB will stay alive. So many of the elder blogs that kickstarted this (mostly) great community have already died, it would be a real shame to see another one added to the body count. But if they do come down on you, I hope that this isn't the last we hear from you.
You are absolutely wrong, Filmpac....Your comment was indeed posted:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Posted far too late, as usual, Gregory. My comment was not placed on your blog within the first days. Heck, it was near a week I checked, and I somehow suspect you have just added it now when called on it. Typical.

And as usual you again try to justify YOUR bad behavior. The quote you have just posted is the ONLY time I ever swore, simply because you refused to listen to reason.

Bottom line, you had NO RIGHT to report somebody else's blog, and if you still fail to understand then you are truly a lost cause who can never again be trusted.

PS. And I note yet again that you have just deleted the comment to which I am now responding. You still haven't learned to think before you react.
@ dave, i follow filmpac, and could add that if you would understand a lot of things, go to read the request part 4, you'll see how this requests turns bad... With part 1-3, you'll see how it was friendly before - and also the ones who moves from here are also the most "ancient" people... The same who was on Jazz's blog, by the way...
Whatever....the ridiculous harrasment AND terrorizing/stalking (and thst IS what it is) continues in Requests 5, and I'm not taking this any longer....NO ONE should have to as far as this viscious stalking and harassment goes.

Dave is quite right in what he has said....and both others as well as Nomwl1 are WRONG. Nomwl1 quite simply should have stopped all this nastiness when it FIRST began and long before this got so out-of-control, by simply moderating his requests.....and he failed to.
Ben voyons!...
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But there is no need to burn the whole house down just to satisfy your own misplaced ego!
Totally unbelievable! You are in total denial. You might as well kiss your own blog goodbye as well, because that is exactly what is going to happen because of YOUR ACTIONS.
Jason, my friend, you didn't understand the problem, or you lose your time... ;( We are all wrong, each of us, and greg's always right... No matter what we could say, he'll always right! :p
I guess I'm just confused -if he is SO traumatized by the "harrassment" a - why keep coming here?

Why report the blog to try and shut it down - and keep coming here?

Why report the blog to try and shut it down - and keep posting score links here?

It's funny that comment "Nomwl1 quite simply should have stopped all this nastiness when it FIRST began and long before this got so out-of-control" -

NO Greg - YOU should have stopped it. I went back to Request 4 today and tracked where the crap started - and damn you have so many deleted comments !! I see you are trying to cover your ass here and be a martyr - a victim - but those of us who watched it all go down remember what happened.

If ONLY you could have acted like an ADULT for ONE MOMENT -

And NOW you have the nerve to act like you BELONG HERE?????

And of course the major act of cowardice - you don't open a nice comments section at your own blog so you can get a taste of what you dished out. Pathetic.

Thank you for your note. Please note that Blogger is a provider of content
creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to
create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these
pages. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog
contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular
viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating and we regret any anxiety
or inconvenience this may cause you. In cases where contact information
for the author is listed on the page, we recommend you working directly
with this person to have the content in question removed or changed.

In cases where the author is anonymous, please note that in accordance
with US state and federal law, it is Blogger's policy to only provide a
user's contact information pursuant to a valid third party subpoena or
other appropriate legal process.

The Blogger Team
Blogger's Legal People said...

...Please note that Blogger is a provider of content
creation tools, not a mediator of that content....

...We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog
contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular
viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating and we regret any anxiety
or inconvenience this may cause you...

...we recommend you working directly
with this person to have the content in question removed or changed

Allow me to translate that from the officialese into English for you Greg: THIS IS NOMWL1'S BLOG AND HE WILL RUN IT IN ANY MANNER THAT HE PLEASES WITHOUT SEEKING ANY IMPUT OR APPROVAL FROM YOU!!!

I think I speak for the vast majority of people who visit this blog when I say this: Please take your take your officious and arrogant attitude elsewhere.
I have always liked the music here. Still do. Does anyone else, like the music, I mean?

Did anyone hear the Spy comp? It was awesome. I think the Toasters doing Secret Agent Man was one of the highlights of my week.

Thanks nomwl1 for your time and energy to make a musical difference. I certainly appreciate it.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery from your illness and all other pains....Timbo
Comment qu'tu l'as, tralala, comment qut'u l'as, dans l'baba...

(Les Glochos)
Hi Everyone---

I was just stopping by to lend some moral support to nomwl1 and see how he's doing health-wise and am really saddened to see that all of this silliness continues.

It really is obvious, to everyone, who, and what, was and is the cause of all of this...

Greg---take a bow...and leave.

Instead of complaining about this blog--- don't come here anymore. It really is that simple.

I noticed somewhere that you were a Star Trek fan---Wasn't one of the philosphies in one of the movies something to the effect of: "The needs of the many far outweigh the needs of the one."

Well the many have spoken. It's time for you to go.

Live long, and prosper. (just not here)

Rocket From Mars

oh yeah! @ nomwl1---if that posting about the rules and stuff at blogger is real THAT'S GREAT! may your blog continue to roll along merrtly in peace and harmony!
Nomwl1, this has gotten to be truly INSANE over in Requests 5 with the libeling and defamation of me, and the continued grotesque harassment, and if you don't do SOMETHING about this by either moderating the postings there and/or stopping the ability to post anonymously, I will seriously pursue action either through Blogger to the extreme or through legal action.....and I mean it.

Add to that, someone has seriously abused privileged and private information in Requests 5 by posting details which are NOT mine but someone else's.....and I will NOT stand for that.
Nomwl1, I can't entirely agree with Greg on anything at this point... He suggests you waste time removing posts containing... uh, whatever. Point is Greg's posts are every bit as venemous as the many Greg bashers, so you'ld have to waste a lot of time and delete his posts too. And anonymous posting is not the problem - Lots of people seem willing to start up an account just to bait Greg, which, as Greg alway rises to the bait, is becoming a sport for persons, apparently without lives.

Just stop the comments completely for a time. Either some stated period - can't be too short or the sniping will just resume - or just stop it till you feel comfortable.

I'll certainly be visiting, and I'm sure many others will be around, ready to continue commenting, whenever you want to deal with it.
Oh, please! Anything that the haters and trollers are posting are WAY far above and beyond anything I've ever posted.

I want either certain posts just blasted at me REMOVED or the entire Requests 5 thread DELETED, because private and privileged information about me has been libeled in there and I want it GONE.... PERIOD.
By the way....people are NOT starting up accounts, but using the "Other" option when posting. That's tantamount to the same thing as using "Anonymous", but allowing someone to use whatever username they want to.....and that's a problem.

STOP the ability to post any way but through a registered username on Blogger.

IF NECESSARY, instigate moderated posting.

I re-read your reply and you're way off the mark. "Point is Greg's posts are every bit as venemous as the many Greg bashers, so you'ld have to waste a lot of time and delete his posts too."
I hardly think so, because anything others are posting now is so far above and beyond anything I've posted before, it's much WORSE, and however I respond to the asshole trolls at this point I'm quite JUSTIFIED in replying so.

If you can't understand or see why I am so upset at this point, you're just as unseeing as the others.
greg, no one ask you to stay here! In fact, a lot of people ask you to stay away... You've made your choice and forced us to move - 2 time! You've got only the result of your arrogant attitude! Watch the first 3 parts, before you start to really annoy us: excepted a few spams and trolls, it as peaceful - and sharing...
If you don't like to read the part 5 of the request then don't and move away! You said i need a life, but you could have your one firstly, it seems you spend too many time here!
And like Thingmaker said, yes some people great new account - i create my own especially for the lovely place we've got now (see, i'm not posting anymore in others)... And even JazzHollister create one... She used to have a great blog the past year... But you don't know Jazz's blog, it was before you came! I wish i could remember all the people on her blog... I'm not sure but i think all the guys/gals who moves because of you was on Jazz's blog. Yes, WE are a community - since a lot of time! But your are not a part of this community, greg and you'll never be....
Oh, and just one thing... Do you want my cane to help you to move away?...
Pi** off, bitch...
greg, you could post under your name if you want to insult someone!

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Je n'serai reçu que par les chats du quartier
À leur festin pour qu'ils ne soient pas treize
Mais j'y chanterai
Sur une simple chaise
J'y chanterai
Après le rat crevé
Messieurs dans le lit de la Marquise
C'était moi les 80 chasseurs
La la la

Et quand viendra l'heure imbécile et fatale
Où il paraît que quelqu'un nous appelle
J'insulterai le flic sacerdotal
Penché vers moi comme un larbin du ciel
Et je mourirai cerné de rigolos
En me disant qu'il était chouette Voltaire
Et qu'si en a des qui ont une plume au chapeau
Y en a des qui ont une plume dans l' derrière
La la la
La la la

Quand je s'rai vieux
Je s'rai insup' portable
Sauf pour mon lit
Et mon maigre passé
Mon chien s'ra mort
Ma barbe sera minable
Toutes mes morues
M'auront laissé tomber
F**k off, you c*nt!
Very polite, greg!
I don't need to be anonymous to say you're a damn moron!!!!!
WooHoo! HitlerCities

WooHoo! HitlerCities

WooHoo! HitlerCities

WooHoo! HitlerCities
Nomwl1, i believe you may could close the requests parts and delete them, just left a single pages with the working links...
This crap will never stop, especially with all these trolls and a very polite guy who reply to them everytime he feel offended (and forget he was acting the same before we left)... :(
I feel really sorry for you... But at least we shared some great stuff for a while... To bad someone ruined this by his atitude.......
Nomwl1, as a long time YDHTVTB fan I believe it would be best to turn off all comments. These comment areas are becoming a vast wasteland of Greg Kreiger annoyances. Greg is a long time internet junkie, he can be found in almost every domain on the internet as kreiger69 - aol, yahoo and others. Greg is a troubled person who should seek help from his internet addiction. He fights with anyone who argues his constant annoying posts and comments. Just say YDHTVTB has become a victim of Greg and turn off all comments. We shall all rejoin you and others at a later date. Thank you Nomwl1, you've been a fabulous Blog Host. Again, thank you, Sir. Take Care.
To dave & greg, please stop sucking each others weiners for a minute and STFU, you pair of fucking whinging retards.

Greg & Dave - The Beavis & Butthead of the Internet.

I love the bit where you state like a spoilt child........

I want either certain posts just blasted at me REMOVED or the entire Requests 5 thread DELETED, because private and privileged information about me has been libeled in there and I want it GONE.... PERIOD.

What you going to do? - tell the teacher...LMFAO - You fucking throwback!
Nice third grade comeback there Mr. Andersons Lawnmower. Why don't YOU get the hell over all of this bullshit, and get back to sharing music like the rest of us want to do. This situation has run its course and should be over with, but you immature twits want to keep it going for some odd reason. I think it is you who needs to grow up, get the reality check, and move the hell on. I don't know about Greg, but I'm NOT going to stop coming here so give it up you little child. I've been coming here long befofre this bull crap ever started, and I will continue to do so.
BRAVO, Dave....and I will do the same thing. It's a shame that you also (as I did) had to not only suddenyl make your Blogger Profile private so it can't be seen, but I can understand why, because I did the very same thing (and people have misinterpreted the reasons WHY I did it).
@ greg: Greg, get over yourself. You and you alone ruined things at this blog. You really should have stopped posting here about three months ago but to this day you continue. To quote Bugs Bunny: "What a maroon."

@ nomwl1: I am so sorry that this has happened here at your blog. Once one of the friendliest, coolest, and hippest places on the internet. I really hope you are doing well and keeping a smile on your face. Sometimes that's all you can do when everything else is turning to you know what. I'm still stopping in every once and awhile to lend my moral support.

I'm sure when you decide the time is right it will rise again like a mighty phoenix.

As Always,
All The Best,
---the blog! the blog will rise again! (wink wink nudge nudge say no more say noooooooo more)

Bullshit, Rocket.....If you also can't see who the TRUE trolls and anon asses are who kept perpetuating this crap, you're also just as bad as they are. I made SEVERAL attempts to be nice and chill out, but OTHERS kept dredging the shit up and perpetuating this crap. :-P
You've made several attempts to be nice?! WHEN???????

Rocket, don't listen the WRONG troll, and do like me: say BYE to this blog definitely, the place we've got now is far much nicer (due the the 3rd rule, i think), and with tons of great posts!

So Nomwl1, it was nice to come her, and nicer to know you... :) I hope we'll see you again, far from this crap...

Gongrats, greg, you will be alone here with the trolls... YOU WIN, you've got Nomwl1's place now!!!!!! :p
Breton Girl, you can pi$$ on back to Isbum's Place.....you don't want ME there? I've stayed away, and yet YOU keep coming back here.

Hypocrite and troll....
Dave & Greg, two fucking jerk offs!!!

Like dogs, they keep fetching the bone - LMFAO.

Dave, is your mother the same as gregs? - as you both sound as though you both dropped out of the same ditch pig.

See ya later girls....assholes!!!
Asstard is another rarer variant upon the ass– theme. It is possibly a portmanteau of asshole and retard and has almost the same meaning as asshole, but with a greater implied connotation of stupidity. An identically spelled version of the same word is a contraction of asshole and bastard, with a commensurately more abusive meaning.
Thread hijacking is the act of trying to steer a web forum discussion thread off topic by discussing a subject entirely unrelated to the subject at hand.

While this can be an intentional act of trolling, it is often accidental - caused by other participants in the discussion responding to a throwaway remark, taking the thread off at a tangent to the original subject matter. The results, whilst sometimes humorous or otherwise interesting, often provoke a feeling of resentment from the author of the original post.
Greg a big lawyer in Ypsilanti that likes the poop.
Please know that there are many who love your website and have taken much joy from all your exceedingly hard work.
Please go on with your work if you can, otherwise ask for our E-Mail addresses so we can be in touch with you, a marvelous person.
Well, a week has now passed and the blog is still here, I guess that's a plus. However, the request page (and here) is now inhabited by just Greg and the anonymous trolls, which kinda cancels it out.

I can't help but feel it's doomed. Greg and the trolls win. Hope you are all really happy with yourselves.

Best wishes Nomwl1, always.
Well, Nomwl1, if you'd like, I am in need of another guy to help runmy blog. If you're interested, let me know in case this blog gets shut down.

If it does, so long, and thanks for all the shares.
And if that last comment was not reason enough to turn off posting as Anonymous & Other, I sure as shit don't know what is.


I'll now repeat my comment in the wasteland that has become the Request Page #5, just so Dave can jump to Greg's rescue again.

(start quote)

Greg, in a hundred thousand million years I will never understand.

Please explain what possesses you to continually post links to YOUR blog on THIS blog, when you openly admit you are trying to shut it down?

Am I missing something here, or are you just off with the fairies big time? This is now a wasteland of Greg Vs Anonymous, I just don't get what is in your head dude.

Please, explain it to us if you can, else we have to book you a comfy room in the psych ward. The men with the nice white coats and butterfly nets will be around shortly.

(end quote)

Nomwl1, do us all a favour please, stick a fork in it, it's done. It's just too painful to watch. Sadly, Greg and the trolls win. Get your health back, then rethink, all the best for the future and so long and thanks for all the fish:))

Your friend always, filmpac.
"Mr Buzzcut said...
Dave & Greg, two fucking jerk offs!!!

Like dogs, they keep fetching the bone - LMFAO.

Dave, is your mother the same as gregs? - as you both sound as though you both dropped out of the same ditch pig.

See ya later girls....assholes!!!"

What grade are you in again?? LOL Your infantile comments aimed at me have about as much impact as a gnats fart.

And filmpac I'm not here to defend Greg. I was just trying to defend what I saw as one-sided abuse. I think if you go all the way back who knows how long to the beginning of all of this crap perhaps Greg did start all of it. Frankly with everyone's talk I've yet to see anyone convince me that both sides aren't being assholes about this whole event however. You, filmpac, are the only person here who I've seen any semblance of a rational arguement out of so far. Your comment a few comments above this one though seems to mistake me for someone who is here only to defend Greg. I'm not. I began coming here about 6 months ago now to enjoy the music shares. All of the other bullshit matters not one iota to me.

I have not been convinced by either side who is to blame here, nor why this whole discussion should even be continuing. So you third graders can try your best to belittle my name all you want. Your juvenille comments have no effect on me whatsoever. I keep coming back here hoping to see that normwl1 has posted some new music, but all I see is this bull crap continuing to happen. Get the hell over it all of you and move on.
@ Dave -

Fair enough, I didn't really intend it that way, but I guess it does come across like that. Alas, the only one who can really answer my question is Greg himself, and he is now deciding to be all quiet. A first, and quite welcome it is too, albeit a little too late.

As for moving on, well, we did just that remember. Twenty of us packed our bags and moved on, only to have Greg follow us and again be a nuisance. It's a shame that Greg himself chose NOT to do this also, and move away from this blog. Until he does so, I suspect he will remain a target, and the place can never return to what it once was. For the good of the many, this is a course of action we have all pleaded for in the past, but to no avail.

I am certainly not here now to continue the Greg war, that's done with, but perhaps to try and salvage something out of what has become an unmitigated disaster. I truly believe that Nomwl1 should consider turning off the request pages completely, and health permitting return to what he does best, posting great shares. Barring that, posting as Anonymous & Other has to go, that alone would at least solve some of the madness.

Just my 2c, and thanks for your response Dave.
Just MY 2c also:

I've been quiet because I've basically said all I had to say, but EVERY time I ever started being "quiet" or polite in any past Requests thread, it only took a little while for SOMEONE else to start stirring crap up again......Just have a look at whomever the sick person is in Requests 5 now who just tried to start stirring shit up again.....and read my reply to THAT crap.

Hell, I did NO such thing as "following" your little clique around and becoming a "nuisance" again.....I simply posted links to shares (and who the hell cares whether they were on MY blog or somewhere else, for that matter).....and YOU people took it upon yourselves to react again as you did here, with extreme panic and nastiness. Any reply I've posted after wards was a REACTIOn to what OTHERS said first after I attempted SEVERAL TIMES to "play nice".....and none of you would even be mature enough to let it go (as Dave has said) and move on. Hell, "Breton Girl" told me to stay here and leave you people alone (which I was quite willing to do in your own little world over there), and SHE kept peeking in back here and starting trouble up again.....I'd say that was HYPOCRITICAL.

Again.....I've been quiet and nice in the past couple of days here, and NOW look at what other trolls are trying to start up yet AGAIN.

Hope to hell Nomwl1 either shuts down Requests, or Moderates them like he should have before all this got ugly like it is now.

Finally, me and Greg can at least agree on something, shutting down the requests thread.

And Greg, as Petronius just said on the request thread, you really are your own worst enemy. If you would just ignore them they'd get bored and move on.
From Isbum's place:
Hjalmar Poelzig a dit...
(1931 - Guiseppe Becce & Bernhard Kaun) Plus BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935 -
Franz Waxman) 128k

May 16, 2007 4:54 AM
Greg chose another name and come to annoy us when is not welcome!
Here's the rules Isbum put with his first post:
isbum a dit...
Hello everybody! Just a word before we get started..
three things will get your post removed.
1. Complaining
2. Being Negative or Rude
3. Your Name is Greg

If all of you can do that, we should have one swell time together.

One last thing, if you happen to see a post from Greg here, please don't respond to it.
Those will be deleted and I will take great pleasure in doing so.

I turn it over to you wonderful people who have made sharing music such great fun.


And I am an hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't need to insult you anonymously (me!), and will be off again for this blog until you come to annoy us with link for your blog, you fucking moron!

And Dave, i'm curious, do you still think greg is right?...
Huh? I don't know who you think I am, but I am not this person you seem to think I am. I don't get around in blogs that much, but when I do (being a horror scores fan), I post what I can here and there.
If you were talking about this franklynot blog, someone there asked for those two scores, and I happened to know where they were, so I don't understand your vehemence and also don't understand the use of foul language either.
Posted elsewhere, but it's right on-the-mark:

Another point is that we must admit, whether we like it or not, that, according to the existing regulation(s), what we are doing is not totally in accordance with the law(s), let's put it this way. When I say we, I mean the uploader, the downloader AND the webhoster, whether the music is or is not commercially available, no matter, it's against what is permitted. So I understand the webhoster, when there is an abuse reported. They have no time or means of verification to check whether the complaint comes from an authorized source. They take the easy way and delete the file, because where the risk for the up or downloader is to loose his hobby, the risk for the webhoster is to lose his business, not the same thing!

"And Dave, i'm curious, do you still think greg is right?... "

Frankly it has been my observance that both sides have valid points that the other has been a pain in the ass. It has gotten to the point of who started what first, and I don't have enough time, or desire to sift through every comment made here to figure that one out. I do know there has been a lot of borderling illegal harrassment towards Greg that some people don't think they can be prosecuted for. However if you ask the people caught on the "To Catch A Predator" show they may tell you otherwise that words printed online CAN indeed be prosecutable. Something for everyone to keep in mind.
as for who is right or wrong at this point I have no clue but what little I did take time to read seemed all aimed at Greg.
I am at the point now where I'm out of the whole deal because as I say I don't have a desire to take the time to read every comment ever written made here. So I can no longer give any kind of informed opinion one way or the other. I think you'll have to agree though there has been a huge amount of immaturity displayed here by many parties and both sides. I for one am tired of it all, and no longer going to argue over the whole deal.
Dave, I would just like you to know that even though our fiend greg later deleted many of his posts because they would later incriminate him, I have saved every post in the requests section of this blog since its inception (I am not joking) and can produce all the evidence against him if required to do so.
Give it a fucking rest already, troll!
And another time greg (the third!), as hjalamar poelzig, greg come at Isbum's place to polute the fresh air to a link for his blog! :( I know it's a request i've mad but i will not take it from you, you idiot! Don't you understand we would not you to follow us???????????
And you may could say you're not greg, you sound and act too much like "it"! And in case you say it was requested and you just gave a link, Frankie's Bride (a past request) got a reply - at 320 kb!
Everytime you will post you will be deleted shortly! And for every more post you'll made i'll return here to post my thoughts!
Gosh, if i am hypocrite, what are you?! You know we moved to be far from you (20 persons!), and you follow us at Score Baby's... This requests part was closed because of this, we got another place when you are really not welcome, and you took another name... Gosh, leave us alone and stay here, we'll stay there and everyone we'll be happy!!!!!!!
Give it a fucking rest already, troll!
I hope my poor English don't make hard to you understand what I'll say. It's regretable what is happenning here. I was away for some time and was amazed when I came back and read all this mess. I went back to read requests 5, as Greg asks, and spent more than one hour reading them. The lecture I do is: 1)Some anonymous started to provoke Greg, which was trying to help some people to find files. 2) Greg overeacted agressively and and a disproportionated way to the provocation. 3)That Greg could't stand a provocation became clear to other people, which began to have fun by posting new provocations, all with the same intent and always reaching it. These people weren't with any intention to make the blog a better place. 4) With time, other contributors (the real contributors) began to became annoyed by these comments, and to blame Greg, also. 5) Keeping his style, Greg pulled a giratory machine gun and started to fire everyone. 6)This was growede and growed to a no return point,in a meaningless exchange of insults.
It remembered my a famous book by Barbara Tuchman, The March of the Folly, which shows how some big conflicts began from banal things. 7) If this is the end of the blog, who wins? Those hyenas, who started it all and now are screaming and laughing over the hills, waiting for the dead body of this blog, which is being killed by its own supporters. Who lose? You all, Nomwl1, Greg, Filmpac, Breton Girl, and all the others contributors that let apart his loved sountracks to start writing ferocious things against each other. And we, people who love the same music, but live in places where isn't easy to get them
for o lot of reasons. There were rare people, like Licorice Pizza, who tried bring the focus of discussion again to the music (you are right, Licorice, that late post is great. As are the similar ones you have already posted). Unfortunately, he wasn't Successful in his intent. I hope it's still time you come back to what you do so well: Talk about and post soundtracks. I sincerely hope so.
"Isbum" said...

As you read everything, except for Gregs deleated remarks, it will become clear that Greg had many opportunities to apologize and change his behaviour.
He offered excuses and continued doing the same things.
I have never met any other human being with such utter disreguard for the feelings of others.

I hate myself for feeling hate. I couldn't go on. He walked on other peoples feelings with no regret.
He demonstrated to other readers that his attitude was fine, that others could feel free to critcise and belittle, that without his divine guidance they would never find another link to some other blog. This pompous sonofabitch killed the fun!

You would think saying this makes me feel better, my brother, but it doesn't.

"One bad apple..." it's true.

We have gone away, but even there Greg has managed to arrive and force us to use comment moderation.
This is vindictive. What other purpose could he have done that for? To see if everybody missed him?

Rocket said "it will never be the same". Sadly, I agree.

I will always support you in whatever you decide to do.
Best wishes for healthier days,
your brother isbum

About that tiff with Greg, could we have a little whine with that cheese, please?

nomwl1, a thieving deadbeat, a music pirate, swarming on artists' and producers' intellectual property like flies do on shit, complains about the nuisance, dishonesty, skewed thinking, untrustworthiness and lack of integrity of another music pirate.

No irony there.

http://musicunited.org -- If you love it, pay for it!
If you would us to pay for it, release it!

has been reported to the RIAA.
Save your money,Isbum.
When, to save itself,
Blogger throws you under the bus, your new handle will be "Bumfucked"
to 1:41 - OOP doesn't mean out of copyright.

You are just one more cheap chiseling liar justifying theft from artists you claim to love.

One more thing, those links at Isbum's blog the RIAA now is aware of, you can spin their attorneys that jive, that they are all OOP LP rips.

Read on, deadbeat.

"Virgin Killed, 1000 Employees Slashed

While some bloggers boast of a thousand downloads a week, it was reported "that as many as 1,000 employees will be laid off" at EMI, where both the CEO and vice chairman also lost their jobs as well as the president of Capitol records. Virgin Records has been shut down.

"The music industry is in free-fall," says Adam Shore, who runs the label that features such stars as Bloc Party, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Black Lips, "We have the best release schedule we've ever had, but we're less sure than ever that people are going to buy our records," because "sharing" bloggers have decided to give it all away. These are the same bloggers who would scream "scab" if somebody offered to do their job for free.

Music sales are down 40% from what they were before the mp3 download era, which is the equivalent of seeing a huge chunk of the arctic turn to water.

In the meantime, blogs with massive amounts of stolen music proudly declare they will re-up if their links are removed, that everyone should spread links around as much as possible to defeat any attempt by musicians to control their music, and praise any bloggers or torrents that give away entire discographies of someone's work. There are blog sites and forums that leech everything they can find in order to promote themselves (and get banner ad money) and they receive lavish compliments for their "generosity.""
I am completely confused.

How is it that people can behave so badly? Music sharity is about enthusiam and generosity, not petty ego bashing.

Whilst I do not know the full story, but on the basis of this thread I will never visit Soundtrack Rarities. I'm sorry greg but nobody, no matter how wronged they feel, should behave in the shameful way that you have done here.

Why not switch off the computer and go out and get some fresh air - there's a whole world out there...

Talk about needing osme cheese with that whine. Music sharity doesn't take a damn cent out of anyones mouth. If the music isn't available for sale then how is it keeping the musician from making any money. They weren't making any money anyway because you music industry assholes won't relese their music so we can buy it. So go take your money grubbing, whiney ass somewhere that anyone gives a shit.
And spending between $200 and $700 (or more) is something i could not afford. And what about the soundtracks never released?
Do a better job with the film music releases and we will buy it!
As has been said before somewhere in these requests, this "Mitch Bainwol" is not the real person but an imposter....what hasn't been said is that he's the same person who has the Cheap Children and Soundtracks blog (still the same blog he has), except that it's obvious after complaints he got about his postings of new releases and also probably from his links being deleted, he got pissed off and turned on the blog community by becoming "Mitch Bainwol". Have a look at his blog.....everything that used to be there is gone, except for his anti-sharity post on his main page.
All I have to say to the blog owner who ever the ass is:

boo fucking hoo money grubbing, music industry ass kissing bastard.
Well, well, well, karma's a monster bitch, right, Isbum!?! And she's not done with you yet!

You said of your blog: "...isbum wishes to keep things very simple here..why, heck look at this place! It's just a picture, a name, and 1 post." Wrong! Remember the RIAA. Do you really think Blogger is going to cover your sorry ass? Perhaps as well as Ruggo!

Some f'king 'friend' this Ruggo is. Sends you to a malware infected website, and leaves you with all the headaches and bills.

Of course this putz only offers you a lot of no cost to him half-assed tech bla-bla instead of the do-re-mi you need for that hard drive repair. And to take the absolute cake for chutzpah, Ruggo says: "...it has put such a fear of God into me that I am right now backing up my files, etc." That's one hard core son-of-a-bitch there.

But like I said to your pal nomwl1, you're a thieving deadbeat. I have no pity for you; you got what you deserved.

You're a music pirate, swarming on artists' and producers' intellectual property like a fly does to shit, who got burnt by the dishonesty, skewed thinking, untrustworthiness and lack of integrity of another music pirate.

No irony there.
As far as the site Ruggo posted the link to (IMHO it's a crappy site anyway), as far as the pop-up and malware/spyware stuff goes....I had no problem with it because I have a good firewall and my McAfee program stopped everything before it caused any problems, so I was still able to check the site out. If anyone has had problems with that site....it's because they don't have a firewall and proper anti-malware/anti-virus programs going to stop anything from getting onto their system.
@ mitch bainwol

Just shut the fuck up!
I come back here now and then hoping that this blog has finally gotten back to being a music sharing blog again. No such luck so far.
The latest Requests thread is doing fine....it's here that's the problem, and will continue to be as long as this post of Nomwl1's remains up (and everything else continues without moderation and blocking of anonymous postings).
I believe this post need to stay here... Maybe you will know a little ho we feel when we asked to mive and wouldn't do but stay here...
Oh, and just one thing: i've got every rights to be here, maybe more than you. I'm on the soundtracks blogs since the begining (with almost all the 20es who moved), before this i was on allost.ru when it was free, plus on some exotica/space age pop blogs (in a time my "name" was not fixed, like SaintMaloSteff), 2 or 3 years ago... And you?

Oh, and Nomwl1, i'm the one who lurk (1 time per day) and wait for you to come back... Just would say that there's also some people who knows your situation, that you couldn't be online every days... So i just would add that you do a great job, especially by coming here a little! :)
Big deal.....
Sorry for you, Nomwl1, but it's only way i've got to point something...

This is the post greg put here:
News for Lalo Schifrin fans:
On June 5, Fox video is releasing the cheesy sci-fi adventure THE NEPTUNE FACTOR on DVD with a bunch of extras....including an isolated theatrical score and f/x track by LALO SCHIFRIN, as well as a never-released isolated score by William McCauley (whose score was apparently dumped in favor of Schifrin's....and both IMDB and Soundtrack Collector don't even mention this as one of William McCauley's credits).
Who will be the first to do a 320k rip of both of these scores?
# posted by Greg : Wednesday, May 23, 2007 4:09:00 AM

And this is what he put on Isbum's place, when he's forbidden to post under his name:
Hjalmar Poelzig said...
Attention: Lalo Schifrin fans -
Fox Video is releasing the cheesy sci-fi film THE NEPTUNE FACTOR on DVD....including an isolated theatrical score and f/x track by Lalo Schifrin, as well as a never-released isolated score by William McCauley (whose score was rejected in favor of Schifrin's....both IMDB and Soundtrack Collector don't even mention this as one of William McCauley's credits).
Who's gonna do a rip of both these scores first?

May 23, 2007 4:14 AM

As everyone could see, excepted a word of 2 it's exactly the same!
This guy call me "hypocrite and troll", but look how he act!
Will you ever learn we do not want you to follow us, you stupid dumb????? You're the one who search troubles on this case, and you haven't got the intelligence to act in a different way!
Again, your message will be deleted. Please stay away from us now!
What's the problem you seem to have with these two people? Someone share some information they thought would be of interest to people, and you seem to be the one who is trolling and being hypocritical. What are you trying to prove? What is the point?

Stop being such an ungrateful, troublemaking bitch and show some gratitude for what people have shared. NO ONE IS CAUSING TROUBLE OR SHAKING THINGS UP HERE EXCEPT YOU. Things seem to be rolling along rather smoothly until you come in here with your trolling and hateful posts like you just HAVE to prove something for some stupid reason.

There's an old saying:

"If you don't have anything NICE to say....don't say anything at ALL"
@ anonymous - What you fail to realize is that Breton Girl is completely correct. Greg DOES continue to post at another blog, under another name, where it is bleedingly obvious he is not welcome. And THAT is exactly what the fuss has ALWAYS been about! If he would just stay out of places he is not welcome, none of this would ever have happened in the first place. It is the constant antagonism that we all feel.

Bottom line, at the end of the day, all these comments are just so much hot air. Nomwl1 will decide what to do with HIS blog, not you, not me, not Breton Girl, and sure as shit not Greg!
Thanks, filmpac! :) You reply better than me...
By the way, i couldn't prove it but i'm pretty sure the "anonymous" reply is greg itself - and it's not the first time! :( When greg said i'm "hypocrite and troll" and when an anonymous said i'm "trolling and being hypocritical", i have no doubt it the same person!
greg, could you please stay here (or better, at your blog) and shut your mouth in a place you're really not welcome?????? No matter about the subject or the other name you chose, WE DO NOT WANT YOU!!!!!
Again, you will be deleted, so please try to think a little if you could - WE MOVE BECAUSE OF YOU, you idiot!!!!!...
I have been a quiet visitor to this site for a while now,and have been watching what's going on.I too run a blog,but I'll be f*#ked if I'm saying what it is because of Greg.But I will say this.Some people thrive on a bit of drama in their life,and that can extend to the internet very easily because of the ability to be largely anonymous.I've been involved with all sorts of blogs and communities and many people have been able to share likeminded opinions and views but most importantly,aquire some otherwise unfindable tunes.Yes,much of it is bootlegged and lots of things are ripped from other blogs etc,but that's the nature of blogging.You may not like it,and hundreds of ......no....thousands of bloggers are posting illegal content all over the place,you just gotta love that!because it's in amongst all that trash that we can find stuff we may have hunted for,for literally years.LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS,to be part of an active community opens doors to other people and communities that will assist you in what you came here for in the first place.Greg, you really did burn a bridge for yourself buddy.What happens in the near future when you discover something truly great on a blog that you have wanted for a long time or wanted to find out about,and that blogger just remembers you for all this shit and sends you packing.It means no favours for you,and just as a point of interest,you're way too obvious sending anonymous messages.I formerly worked in the law field,and I can confidently pick a majority of your "anonymous" messages seen here and your hasty and somewhat clumsy attempt to delete previous content from comments just screams of guilt.You best shake the blood off your hands and walk away before you make it any worse for yourself.Oh and just remember you are not as invisible as you sometimes think you are and there will always be people who have the smarts to know exactly what blogS you host...get my drift.
Judging from what I've read on the requests no.5 comment section & this comment section, my guess is that it is greg himself who is leaving the spam under various aliases...either that or someone with a blog who is "jealous" of this one.

Either way, it is deeply immature & quite pathetic.

This blog began as an interest by a polite, kind & genuine fan of films. Unfortunately, whilst the requests provided ppl with an opportunity to share music, they also created a rather selfish "free for all" where ppl were just turning up to get free d/loads.

Whilst sharing music is a good thing & this blog is a great example of it, it also brings out the worst in ppl. How few ppl simply say "thankyou" & acknowledge the effort ppl put in to create these blogs...how many just turn up to take what they can then move on. Little wonder that the internet is often described as being like "the wild west"...we ought to be treating each other with kindness & respect now more than ever.
Hardly, Dom....I have better things to do than act like the childish trollers in both threads. I'm TRYING to share back and forth with others, and whomever the anonymous jerkwads are it's THEY who are causing the continuing problems.
i guess this blog is now de facto dead in the water.

either the owner got a new private site or just gave up in frustration. there hasn't been a true update in weeks. too bad, it was a very good blog.

it's a shame that he gave up just because someone sharing my christian name played dirty pool with his site. although, i must say, when you have a blog of this popularity, advertised all through the other blogs, you can't expect everyone who visits to say thanks and shake your cyber-hand. that's just a reality. i do torrents myself, and 99 percent of the people who use my stuff never, ever say a word, good or bad. it's just part of the game. you can't expect your ego to be stroked every 3 or 5 users, or every 30 to 50 users.

and yes, the torrents, blogs, and share-sites are redolent of the wild west, but like the denizens of that time-period, you can't get overly sensitize and have girly-hissy-fits. sometimes you got to be stoic and think about your own concerns.
It's one thing to not express one's "thanks" for ddl scores, but an entirely other to destroy this blog with spam eventually taking up 90% of the requests!
it is somewhat suspiscious that greg always asks for turning of the anonymous posting and then as if to prove his point the blog gets deluged with spam that usually involves attacks on greg but that doesnt necessarily mean he actually did this since the spam-attacks show various degrees of extremety and creativity but then again how many people have "troll" being their favorite word
Because I'm relativly new here(and don't have any music posted as yet), I'm a bit puzzled "what" was reported or why a report was given. It is bad enough with outsiders trying to close down the music blogs here.
Can't we just all get a long?

Fairchild 412
Don't even TRY to understand, River....I already not ONLY posted the reasons WHY both here and in Requests 5, but after going back through 5 it seems that Nomwl1 has done NOTHING to delete the offensive crap posts about me. He claims he removed some things there last time he checked in, but he DIDN'T remove the reasons WHY I reported this blog in the first place.....which was because (and I'll say this for the LAST time) of the terrorism and HARASSMENT aimed at me.

This is utter crap now....Nomwl1 needs to stop the allowing of posting comments OR moderate this blog. It's that damned simple.
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greg wants to get rid of anonymous postings no matter what!
he even dares to continue spamming this blog every damn weekend just to prove his point.
how sick does it actually get?

Nomwl1, no matter what you do and decide, just make sure GREG can never visit this blog again!
Dear Nomwl1,

As a long-time supporter of your website, some of the recent events have saddened me (as have some of the above comments). You have provided me, and a great deal of other people, with many, many hours of wonderful musical enjoyment, and if the authorities decide to close your blog, I will have lost one of my all-time favorite sites on the web.

I hope you're still here for a long time to come, but if not, then I wish you all the best; and thanks for everything.

In the words of Cleo in one of the wonderful tracks from 'Cleo de 5 a 7' you've shared: "Je suis une maison vide sans toi".

Kindest regards,
It's obvious Greg is so immature that he can't handle any comments made about him from PEOPLE HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW! If you're going to get so worked up about something someone says about you over the internet, how are you going to make it in real life? I hope that everyone is nice to you in real life, Greg, because I know the first time anyone says anything that hurts your feelings, you'll probably kill yourself.
POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
Obviously, whomever this anonymous TROLL is who THINKS he's being clever by using my name and the "Other" posting option to try and make me look foolish is a complete idiot....because ONLY someone who has registered and is logged in will have their username show up as a clickable link to their profile....which ISN'T the case with this asshole troll poster.
@ Me:

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
oh, BRILLIANT....Obviously, that WASN'T "Me", but some asshole troll registering with MY name and being a further asshole troll.
What on EARTH is going on here. I've had ENOUGH of this harrassment and terrorism. This is RIDICULOUS.

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
Nomwl1, you need to either start moderating your blog or shut it down.
I'll say. I've had ENOUGH of this bullsh*t!

POST A SOUNDTRACK SHARE or shut the fuck up. It's that simple.
@ Nomwl1

If you read all post carefully, you'll find that greg has planned to invade and take over your blog from the start.

It has always been about advertising his own blog, stealing links and competing with other uploaders to be the best, fastes, etc., and forcing you to do either this or that.
And never forget, he reported this place to blogger!!!!!!!!!

Now he even declares this blog to be his, since you are away for so long.

And it is also very obvious that the more insulted he feels the more profanity-spams we get.

You really can't let him get away with that, Nomwl1.

@ greg

dude, your profanity is such a bore!

just stop talking about vaginas and leave that to the real men of this forum!

you are a true disgrace to mankind.
by Greg Krieger
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ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK - The Complete Soundtrack

A Tribute To Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Ph*nt*m of Th* Op*r*

ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS (1964) - Music by Nathan Van Cleave

The Original Project 3 release

CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS! (1972) - Unofficial Soundtrack: Music by Carl Zittrer with Dialogue Excerptsl

THE BLIND DEAD - Music themes by Antón García Abril


ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY (1945) - 3 music tracks

THE 13 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN (2001) - Family Channel/General Mills cereal promotion

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BATMANIA - Songs Inspired By The BATMAN Tv Series

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Good luck, jerkwad....I just reported you/this page to Blogger for TOS violation for "Impersonation".....In case you didn't realize, this username/Profile number for you is DIFFERENT than mine.

Good luck, jerk!
One way or another.....this WILL stop.....with or without Nomwl1's help (or lack of!).
Same thing from requests 5, dipsh*t:

Oh, and another thing a**hole -- what you're doing is ILLEGAL and constitutes HARASSMENT. So knock it the F*CK off or I'll contact the authorities. Why don't you go piss off back to isbum's place where your immature TROLLING really belongs. Jerk. I'm trying to share soundtracks here you MORON.

Sorry folks -- someone is impersonating ME and I'm going to put a stop to it because Nomwl1 is CLEARLY shirking his responsibility as blogmaster. This garbage stops NOW. PERIOD.

"You're ALL flops....I am the Earth Mother, and you are all FLOPS!"


@ greg

as you said before:

"piss-poor blog gone down the crapper",

ain't it?
Point of fact:

I haven't posted anything here since Monday, June 11, 2007....almost one week ago....and anyone can clearly see the load-o-crap that's being dished out here by trollers and spammers.

To the Impersonators and Trollers:

You obviously can't tell that by hovering your cursor over my name (as in this posting) or clicking on it for the profile page, the user I.D. number is DIFFERENT than the one which shows up under any of the other imposters and/or trollers.....so unless one is a complete and total moron, it's easy to figure out who is the real one here.

@Khan and all the other Fuckfaces:

AGAIN: I haven't posted ANYTHING here in five days....No links or ANYTHING....Your impersonations of me and my "postings" are truly idiotic because MY profile number is completely DIFFERENT from the imposters, you fucking idiots!

When the blogmaster, Nomwl1 gets back in here, I seriously hope he shuts down the ability to post anonymously or shuts his blog down.....because you fuckwads have truly screwed things up here for EVERYONE!!!!
Okay, Nomwl1.....you shut down Requests, but you STILL left those grotesque and offensive posts about me and others up there. Why not just delete the Requests posts completely? What is the point of leaving those disgusting "poems" about me and posts like "Greg s**ks c**k" up there?
@ Greg

Shut the fuck up a accept the prime shit that you have created. History can't be re-written or deleted.
Hi, I'm Greg's ego. It's about time I addressed all of you. I have endured so much harassment, terrorism and grotesque language that I can no longer quell my angst.

I must confess that I have desperate feelings of alienation and extraordinarily low self esteem. My dearth of "real friends" in the "real world" has driven me to seek acceptance and appreciation in the blogosphere. All I want is for you to like me, instead, you terrorize me by saying things like "Greg sucks" and "Greg, get a life." This is sheer terror for me. How could you be so brutal with your "Greg bites" and "Greg likes man boobs." It is grotesque.

Apparently, my eagerness to win friends has backfired and now, although I can't believe it, some people don't like me. I can't handle this. I've done so much for all of you; how dare you treat me this way?

As such, I have dedicated myself to ridding the world of any forum that would allow the posting of a single unkind word about me. You see, the blogosphere is all I have in this world. This is what I live for. I spend the majority of my days studying the subtleties of each syllable uttered about me. I am consumed by it. It is the very essence of my being. And you have chosen to nip away at that essence like jackals. Instead of turning my back and walking away, I have chosen to fight. Fight for what I believe in! And what I believe is that everyone should love me and say only nice things about me. And if the moderator of this forum can't enforce that policy, well, I'm sorry but it's Greg first, as it has always been.

FYI, I am starting a not-for-profit group which will battle all unkind and derogatory slanders levied specifically against me, particularly the anonymous ones. I have decided to call this group, "Against Negative Unsigned Statements" or A.N.U.S. I hope to recruit many members into my A.N.U.S. In fact, a fraternal organization, "People Encouraging Nicer Internet Statements" has already expressed interest. Please join me to increase the size of my A.N.U.S. and together we can put an end to the grotesque innuendo and critique that plague these boards.
Ok, another one... Just my two cents here
I'm the first to say that greg made a lot of damages here, and that without him this place is better... But i also admi that he stopped to annoy us since few days, so please could you do the same? Those who jumps on greg's back when he's quiet are not better than him, that's what i say! After this, do not complain if greg come back like before, you're searching for it! :(
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