Tuesday, September 19, 2006

By Request - Theme from 'Kaz' (1978 TV Theme) (Fred Karlin)

'Anonymous' requested the theme from the 1978 TV show, 'Kaz' by Fred Karlin and here it is. At first, I thought I didn't have it, but I eventually found it in my collection. I forget where I got it from, but thanks to the original source wherever and whoever you are! The sound isn't the best, but it's a jazzy theme to the show starring Ron Leibman as a lawyer (who I think played the drums as a hobby which may be the reason why the theme is jazzy).

It's amazing how some shows from the 1970's are burned into my memory. I remember seeing shows like 'On The Rocks', 'The Hot L Baltimore', 'A Year At The Top', or 'All's Fair', for instance, and then decades later, you run across some information about them and realize a show had only been on for one season or in some cases only four episodes! 'Kaz' was a show like that. I think I watched it because I liked Ron Leibman in other things. I remember seeing these shows as clearly as I remember seeing 'Happy Days' or 'Charlie's Angels', but it's funny to realize how obscure some of these shows are! They don't seem obscure in your own mind. Memory is a curious thing all right.

Well, enjoy 58 seconds of Fred Karlin goodness!

no password on this one

Theme from 'Kaz' (Rapidshare)
Theme from 'Kaz' (Megaupload)

Hey, nomwl1, a million thanks for this one. I'm the former "Annonymus" (now Kaz, of course) who requested this one with no real hope of getting anything. But you proved me wrong.
Kaz was a car thief who studied law while in jail. Once released, Kaz sets about championing the causes of the down at heel. No one knew more about defending an underdog than he, and Kaz often went way beyond the call of duty to keep his clients out of jail.
A short-lived series that deserved better. And a pretty jazzy theme tune that had remained in my head all these years. I dont remember about Kaz beaing a drummer, but I may have forgotten that. So much time has passed. And i thought i was he only one who remembered this series.....
Hi Kaz!

I'm only too glad to do it and am glad I could find it and share it. I know what it's like to want to hear some piece of music again that you haven't heard in a long time.

It's amazing how many of these short-lived series really do deserve longer runs than they get.

And you're not the only one who remembers.....well, maybe we're the only two? Anybody else out there remember?
Just wanted you guys to know that you're not the only people who liked "Kaz". I guess I'm number three. I found Mr. Kazinsky really entertaining, although I loved the theme music even more. I found it somewhere before (don't remember where), and lost it when my machine crashed. (Will back up next time!)
At the time it was showing we had only one tv station here in Jamaica, so there wasn't a lot of choice about what you watched when. But I figure a lot of folks of my generation remember, and did miss that show WHEN THOSE DUMMIES DIDN"T RENEW IT! Ok, so I'm STILL annoyed...
Hey, among the "great theme/good storyline/didn't last long" shows, do you remember "Spencer's Pilots"? It might have been spelt with an S rather than a C.
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