Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Son Of The Pink Panther (1993 Soundtrack) (Henry Mancini)

Posting the 'Inspector Clouseau' soundtrack made me think of posting this as well. It's not Henry Mancini at his best (and though it kills me to say it, there was a certain point in his career after which most of his scores are not what you would call his best), but I thought I'd post it for people who want to complete their Mancini Panther scores, but never wanted to buy this one. If you did intend to purchase it, please do (but feel free to download it anyway until you do buy it). That concludes the advertisement for a CD which may or may not still be in print. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - The Pink Panther Theme - [performed by Bobby McFerrin]
02 - Son Of The Pink Panther
03 - The Snatch
04 - God Bless Clouseau - [Vocal]
05 - Samba De Jacques
06 - The Gambrelli Theme
07 - The Bike Chase
08 - The Dreamy Princess
09 - Riot At Omar's
10 - Mama And Dreyfus
11 - Rendez-Vous With Cato
12 - The King's Palace
13 - The Showdown
14 - The Pink Panther Theme

pw = youdont

Son Of The Pink Panther (Rapidshare)

Son Of The Pink Panther (Megaupload)

around 51 MB

It is not often one can actually feel complete. Thanks for making this a reality for me. hehe ;)

Thanks much for this. Always wanted to hear it, but as you say- never really wanted to buy it.
Quick follow up: actually this score is not bad at all. Not Mancini's best but I enjoyed it quite a bit. The one track I'll be programming out is the Bobby McFerrin number, but the rest is actually really nice. Love that jazzed up Panther theme at the end!
does anyone have the score to Revenge of the Pink Panther - its the one that I am missing from my collection.
I do christian, just keep checking right here for the link.
Here is "Revenge of the Pink Panther" paired up with "The Party".

Move Em' Out!

If anybody has the extended "Pink Panther Strikes Back" I would love it!
Isbum - wow, many thanks for this!!

I can get to you the score to Pink Panther Strikes Again by saturday at the latest. let me just dig it out and then rapidshare it.

agvain, should have it to you by sat at the latest - hope thats ok.

many thanks for everything on your site (your compilations in particular have yielded some great stuff).
sorry to ask this - any chance yopu have Revenge as mp3's?

or do you know how to convert wma. to mp3?

Hi Timbo!

I am truly honored to make your dreams come true. (Can someone call the Nobel Prize committee on my behalf?) :))


Hi Robotgunfighter!

I'm glad you enjoyed the score. I was probably underplaying its quality, but I just didn't want people downloading it thinking that it was one of his classic scores and then being disappointed. I think its nice too, just not his best. But Mancini not at his best is still better than a lot of people!

And I appreciate hearing what you thought about it too. I really enjoy hearing people describe their impressions of the music.


Hi Christian Licorice!

I'm glad 'Isbum' could share it. And thanks 'Isbum', by the way! You should probably be running this blog instead of me; you take care of the readers more promptly!! :)))

I know there are a bunch of programs that can convert wma to mp3, but I can't remember them at the moment. Can anyone help Christian Licorice out with that? Thanks!

And Christian, thanks for the nice words about the compilations. I appreciate it!
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