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Tico To Tico 2: Crimetastic (You Don't Have To Visit This Bachelor's Jail Cell)

I never intended to make a Volume 2 since I didn't want to repeat the same thing I did on the first volume, but I was looking over my collection and there were certain tracks I wanted to use and after collecting them together, I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should make THIS volume 2'. And believe it or not, I never intended to make up a crime compilation, but after trying to figure out what to call it, I noticed that a lot of the tracks had crime in common. I could just as easily called it 'Jazztastic' or 'Fill-in-the-blank-tastic' (someday I'm going to have to do a compilation about 'fans').

If I had intended to do a crime compilation, I would've made all the tracks about crime, but that ground has already been pretty well covered by many fine commercial compilations like 'Ultra-Lounge', all the Bond compilations, or 'Crime Jazz' (which I think is still available at Endless Mike or by private compilations and mixes like this excellent one at Licorice Pizza / A Taste of Vinyl (hi Timbo!).

I suppose this is Volume 2 because I made it up in exactly the same way I made up the first one. Usually, I pick a theme first, then compile. With these, I picked the tracks first. And they were both quick & dirty comps. The selection process was very fast, but it was all the tweaking that comes later that took a long time (trimming, tagging, etc.). And just like the first one, I tried to use tracks or artists that weren't used as much in other compilations, but just like the first one, I couldn't help using some familiar or overly-used ones as well. (On the first volume, I still ended up using Esquivel and The Three Suns, for instance, and on this one, I ended up using things like the Theme from S.W.A.T.)

That is one of the problems with trying to do a volume 2. When you avoid the more familiar ones, you start having to use ones that aren't as good or repeating the same albums, so I figured I didn't have a volume 2 in me that would've been as satisfying as the first one. So, technically, this volume 2 is really a completely different compilation, but I enjoy making it part of a series anyway. Volume 3 will probably be called 'Tico To Tico: Raptastic" - my tribute to 50 Cent.

And this volume has more flutes, organs, and rhythm sections than the first one. And when you're talking about flutes, crime, and jazz, it's hard resisting the temptation to put Henry Mancini scores on, but somehow I managed and just put on one from his disco era instead (boy, lucky you!).

Still and all, this is probably more like a conventional compilation than what I usually do, so I'm not sure how well it turned out. I can't be objective about these things. And, of course, the joke here is that 'Tico Tico' really has nothing to do with anything on this comp. But if you noticed carefully, it didn't actually have anything to do with most of the tracks on the first volume either!

Well, enjoy (but I'll leave it up to you to decide how much)!

Track List:

Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 01 - Les Baxter - Tico Tico (instr.)
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 02 - Ron Goodwin - Miss Marple
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 03 - Laurie Johnson - Caesar Smith
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 04 - Chaquito - It Takes a Thief
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 05 - The Ray Brown Orchestra - Polo Pony
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 06 - Lalo Schifrin - The Cat
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 07 - Klaus Doldinger - Coming Home Baby
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 08 - The Green Future - Honey Rhythm and Butter
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 09 - Leo Wright - The Wiggler
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 10 - James Clarke - Blow Up A-Go-Go!
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 11 - Dan And Dale - Caribbean Nights
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 12 - Hot Butter - Syncopated Clock
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 13 - Rhythm Heritage - Theme from S.W.A.T.
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 14 - Henry Mancini - The Streets Of San Francisco
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 15 - Neal Hefti - This is Mother
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 16 - Barry Adamson - The Big Bamboozle
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 17 - Hugo Montenegro - Come Spy With Me
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 18 - Bob Mersey - Forever Frantic
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 19 - Marty Gold - The Texan
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 20 - Max Harris - Crack Shot
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 21 - Johnny Hawksworth - Sweet & Sour
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 22 - Johnny Keating - Getaway
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 23 - Cozy Cole - Big Noise From Winnetka
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 24 - H. Ehrlinger - Target
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 25 - Harry Betts - Theme from 'The Asphalt Jungle'
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 26 - Buddy Morrow Orchestra - Hey, Mrs. Jones
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 27 - The McGuire Sisters - Delilah Jones
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 28 - The Coasters - Love Potion No. 9
Tico To Tico 2 - Crimetastic - 29 - Nestor Amaral and his Continentals - Tico Tico

pw = youdont

Tico To Tico 2: Crimetastic - Part 1 (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)
Tico To Tico 2: Crimetastic - Part 2 (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Tico To Tico 2: Crimetastic (Megaupload) - (Same Old Link - Aren't You Glad?)

around 107 MB

Hi nowl1!

Today's random ramblings...

1) Yet another fantastic post, thank you. (Simple words, but they come from the heart...).

2) Hey!! I'm placing a comment at a new place, I'm no longer in the 'About Blogging...' territory!! I look around me... the place seems familiar, but the furniture has changed... I feel a bit intimidated... Let's forget about that, I'm visiting an old friend, afterwards ;-))

3) Today is 09/11. I feel very sad; Of course I'm not American, but I guess the whole world feels sad today -sad and frightened at the same time.

4) I open my My music folder and I'm like, Wow!! I've downloaded much more music that I'll be able to listen to in my whole life. With all these blogs around, it's almost impossible not no become a greedy dog gnawing every bone they're being thrown a bit -and instantly forget about it... At first, I was burning the records on CD-R's. 10 to 12 albums on ONE CD, how convenient! Now I burn them onto DVD's!! 24 hours a day is not enough to listen to all that stuff, and Ive stacks of them. Isn't too much quality killing quality?

4) I'm still red in the face from the kind words you had for me here and there on your blog.

That was my first attempt at a long comment. I can hear someone snoring at the back of the room ;-)

Finally, a sad song by Nits, one of my favorite bands (maybe you know them, they're from the Netherlands. Their main influences include The Beatles, XTC and Leonard Cohen. This songs perfectly reflects my mood today.

See you ;-)
Hi it's Mickey again. Please, in point 2) above, read "after all" instead of "afterwards". And in point 4), read "I've got stacks" instead of "Ive stacks" !!! Mickey, when will you proof-read your comments before hittin the Lonon button??
The Logon button, that is. Well, bye for now, I think I just have to go to bed, my brain is like a dry sponge ;-))) (An "edit" function would be welcome here, just for me!!)
Great comp nomwl1, The Music to Spy by at ATOV has the most DL and I too have been comtemplating a follow up to that one. Maybe a little more edgy. This is awesome as usual. Timbo
Tremendous - I love that ol' Miss Marple Tune Keep up the good work!
Can never, ever, get too much spy/crime stuff.

thanks again

Hi everybody!

I haven't skipped this post. I'm still working on the response. :))
Hi Mickey!

1) Thanks! (Another simple word, but also heartfelt)

2) You're always welcome to comment wherever you like (despite the furniture)! I'll always see it (though it may take me a while before I respond).

3) Yes, I completely agree. It brings back the memory of that day so clearly. A day I will never forget. And as an American, I appreciate your empathy. It's also good to know that we haven't alienated everybody in the world.

4) Again, I completely agree with everything you said. I didn't get a Rapidshare premium account for the longest time, in part because I wanted to wait until I got a DVD burner. When I finally bought one a couple of months ago, I also bought a spindle of 100 DVD's and now I've already used about 60 or so. And that's only downloading maybe 2 or 3 times a week. If I was downloading every day, I'd probably have used up 200 or 300 DVD's by now!

I try not to let quantity swamp over quality, but it's not easy sometimes with so much music available. I keep thinking I want to post that question sometime. How much are people downloading, are they following too many blogs, etc. I'm always curious about stuff like that.

5) Well, you're a great friend to this blog and all the kind words were well-deserved.

Never feel bad about leaving a long comment. They're always welcome. And that snoring you hear is actually from the people who were reading what I wrote.

And thank you so much for the Nits song! It did fit the mood of the day.

P.S. I wish they would include an edit button too. It's so easy to make mistakes!


Hi Timbo!

Thanks for what you said about the comp and I can't wait for the follow-up to your 'Music To Spy By' mix. I know whatever you make will be great!


Hi Rangeraver!

Thanks so much for the encouragement and the Miss Marple tune is one of my favorites. I think that's why I ended up putting it at the top of the comp.


Hi Surfrider!

Thanks and I totally agree!
Thank you!
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