Friday, September 08, 2006

Honey West (1965 TV Soundtrack) (Joseph Mullendore)

How can you not like any woman with a pet ocelot? For lovers of crime jazz - a great album. I'm surprised nobody else has posted this already (if they have, sorry if I've ignored it). I almost wasn't going to post it myself. There's a slight weird sound on track #3 and I wasn't going to bother putting it up, but then I thought 99.9% of Honey West was better than none at all! Enjoy!

Track List:

Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 01 - Wild Honey
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 02 - Jazzito
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 03 - The Ocelot
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 04 - Lots Of Pluck
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 05 - Preludium To Mayhem
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 06 - Requiem For A Sideman
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 07 - Sweet Honey
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 08 - Sam Goes (Honey) West
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 09 - Serape
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 10 - Silk 'N' Honey
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 11 - Wait And See
Honey West (1965 TV) (Joseph Mullendore) - 12 - Bolero

pw = youdont

Honey West (rapidshare)
Honey West (megaupload)

around 27 MB

@ 128 Kbps

Honey was an alltime favorite of mine as a lad. Thanks so much for this one. Timbo
Hi Timbo!

Thanks for your thanks! I love Anne Francis (though I didn't get to see as many episodes of Honey West as I would've liked to). Loved that beauty mark (amongst other things).
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Could you please re-post this Honey West Soundtrack please. I am unable to find a digital copy anywhere
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