Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Few Things I Wanted To Mention

Just found out Telstar Ted at L.S. Bumblebee just ended his blog a while ago and was sad to hear it. He was one of the few bloggers who actually came back after ending his blog the first time, so I always had an enormous amount of respect for that. My hat's off to him and I hope he enjoys his non-blogging time. Stop by and say hi if you're around, Ted!

And did I miss it? I turned around and Audio History seems to be gone too. (Another link I forgot to put up). Hope nothing's wrong.

Also, it occurred to me that I should've mentioned this before, but if you were wondering why there seems to be a delay in posting or responding to comments or why I talk about being behind in my blog-surfing or downloading, there's a good reason for it. I don't have an online connection at home. I have to use other computers to do surfing, E-Mail, downloading, and blogging.

It didn't seem to be much of a problem, but it is the reason why it's harder to coordinate surfing with my collection for instance. Not as easy to find out what's available or what I should post on the blog, for instance. It's also why, if I get artwork off the web, it's sometimes (maybe most times) not in the file. I'm trying to do it more often, but I basically have to download it, take it back, put it in the zipped folder, then bring it back, so most of the times I forget to do it. And it's also why the zipped files are read-only. Can't seem to change the file properties on these other computers. Probably need admin privileges to do it.

Anything I upload or download, I have to burn onto CD-RW's and transfer back and forth. It can take a while and it's also one of the reasons my download queue tends to be pretty big. I'm not able to download files from blogs as quickly as I'd like to, so there tends to be a time lag. It's also why it's a bit harder to leave comments on other people's blogs. I only have a limited amount of time on whatever computer I'm using. That wasn't as much of an issue until I started blogging. Now a lot of my online time is associated with the blog, blog maintenance, and catching up with other blogs.

But I'm definitely not complaining. It just occurred to me that I should mention it so people understand why they sometimes don't get an immediate response to comments or requests, for instance. It seems fast to me, but I look up and a week has gone by. I usually use library computers (don't tell anybody - they probably frown on this kind of use), so my visits can sometimes be sporadic.

And is it just me, or have a lot of soundtrack blogs sprung up in the last few months? When I started the blog, I don't remember any blogs that specialized solely in soundtracks (or least I didn't know about them), and now there seems to be a new one springing up every day. It's fantastic! It's like Christmas come early. I'm glad they started AFTER I got a premium account.

And it also saves a lot of trouble as far as uploading goes too. There must be at least 10 soundtracks I was thinking of putting up that I notice other blogs have just put up. Now I don't have to bother (though sometimes it's with a touch of regret that I don't get to put up that great music here, but I'm just glad it's available somewhere!).

And speaking of posting stuff, I plan on putting up the requests that people asked for (at least the ones I have), so don't worry if it seems to take a while. I've read all the comments people have left (no matter how old the post is) and I'll be posting a response to all the comments. It sometimes takes a while, but I always respond.

And I notice a bunch of great bloggers and sites have linked to me lately. I haven't gotten the chance to thank them on their blogs, so again until I do, thanks a bunch to Jean's Music Blog, Lellebelle, Psychoplasmica, Scorebaby Annex (that's a real treat), Shoddity, Skunkape's Crap, Snow Day, Soundtrack Lover (I kept thinking I put up your link, but now I finally did!), Mexicovers, Napsmear, Weirdomusic, Senses Working Overtime, The Crime In Your Coffee (another one I keep forgetting to put up), and other nice blogs and forums, including some new ones like Psychotic Leisure Music and Delfinotrack. Those are the more recent ones I can remember (though I've gotten linked by some interesting foreign forums and sites, horror forums, and some things that I'm not sure what they are). Of the older blogs and sites like Lellebelle, Mexicovers, Snow Day, Senses Working Overtime, and Weirdomusic, it's a real treat to be linked by them since I've enjoyed their work for such a long time. No matter how many times it happens, I'm always amazed that people spontaneously link to me.

And if I've forgotten anybody, my apologies. Have I mentioned how much I love other people's blogs?

Thanks much for the Linkage.
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