Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Don Swan - Latino

Here's an absolutely fantastic album from Don Swan. Don't take my word for it. Listen to it and decide for yourself (but you'll have to download it first). Actually, I probably don't need to say anything; if the nude woman on the cover isn't enough of an enticement, then nothing I say will make a difference! Enjoy!

Track List:

Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 01 - El Cumbanchero
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 02 - Chatita
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 03 - La Paloma
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 04 - Miami Beach Rumba
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 05 - Once Ocheta Y Uno
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 06 - Razz-Berry Mambo
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 07 - Linda Mujer
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 08 - Betita
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 09 - Hokey Joe
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 10 - Gracias
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 11 - A San Antonio Me Voy
Don Swan - Latino (1959) - 12 - Cha Cha in Alaska

pw = youdont

Don Swan - Latino (rapidshare)
Don Swan - Latino (megaupload)

around 26 MB

@ 128 Kbps

What a Cheesecake....I also have this one framed and on my wall...Does anyone know the name of this model? Thanks again for posting this album .....Tiki-Tim
Up until this second I only had the cover art. Now for some music to go along with it. Thanks! Timbo
Are you ever going to going to post records in zip files anymore?

I have had no problems downloading
zip files at all.

I don't know how to use "rar" & I don't know if I have the equipment for it or what kind of equipment "rar" requires?

Is "rar" Windows Media related?
Hi Tiki-Tim!

I always like to call her, 'Naked Woman With Hands Out' or 'Nude Woman Who Likes To Lean Against Bongos', or just 'Cold Woman Who Likes To Play the Bongos Backwards'.

Thanks for the kind words!


Hi Timbo!

You're very welcome! Always glad to give people musical accompaniment to nudity. :))


Hi Kevin.

Sorry about that! I hated to exclude anybody who couldn't open rar files, but I got a fair amount of complaints from people who couldn't open the zip files.

If you check back on some of the earlier posts that mention this problem, people have suggested different software that you can use to open rar files. If you're on a Mac, people have suggested different software that works with that. If you still have trouble, please let me know and I'll try and work something out.

Again, sorry about the inconvenience!
Hi again Kevin!

Also, if you check some of the comments on other posts surrounding the ones that mention problems, people mentioned software you can use there too.
kevin, go here get this it works
I'd like to be a bongo drum
Thanks Timbo for the help, and you and me both, Mickey!
Been looking for this a while, thanks so much.
Really helpful data, lots of thanks for the post.
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