Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunflower (a.k.a., I Girasoli) (1970) (Henry Mancini)

I just felt like posting some more Henry Mancini (and luckily this score just happens to be by him). It's the score to the 1970 Sophia Loren / Marcello Mastrianni World War II drama. I can't wait to find out if Masha finds Antonio......oh, oops.

Track List:

Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 01 - Love Theme from 'Sunflower'
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 02 - Masha's Theme
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 03 - Giovanna
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 04 - The Search
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 05 - Love in the Sand (Love Theme from 'Sunflower')
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 06 - New Home in Moscow
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 07 - Two Girls (Masha's Theme and Love Theme from 'Sunflower')
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 08 - The Retreat
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 09 - The Invitation
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 10 - Masha Finds Antonio (Masha's Theme)
Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) - 11 - The Parting in Milan (Love Theme from 'Sunflower')
pw = youdont

Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) (Rapidshare)

Sunflower (1970) (Henry Mancini) (Megaupload)

around 45 MB

Beautiful score, one of the most famous, and deservedly so... Please post more Mancini stuff... I must be dumb or something, but I was searching his music for a while without good results.. any suggestion? Tanx a lot for share... and by the way, I have 2 soundtracks of Maurice Jarre in a twofer edition, wich is Dr. Zhivago & Ryan's Daughter... if you have some interest just let me know...
Hi Guilherme!

I completely agree with you about Mancini. Maybe I will now that some of the blogs that posted those other Mancini albums aren't around anymore.

And sometimes those blog & Google searches miss a lot of stuff for some reason!

I have both those scores (but I think Ryan's Daughter is in storage), but I don't have the twofer edition, so I'd love to hear it!

Thank you for your generous offer and I hope you enjoyed the other Mancini on the blog! :))
I just want to say thank you so much!
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