Saturday, February 24, 2007

Now Voyager (1942) (Max Steiner) [Scoring Session]

Let's hear the scoring session for the Bette Davis / Paul Henreid drama scored by Max Steiner. Well, you can only listen to it if you download it first. These are always fun to listen to, but they don't always have the best sound quality. But any chance to listen to one of the most famous themes in film history is always well worth it. The volume is pitched a little low, but you can always use software like MP3 Gain, MP3 Direct Cut, or other tools to increase the volume or normalize the tracks (or use that fancy thing called the volume control on your player or volume knob on your speakers).


Track List:

Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 01 - Main Title
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 02 - Themes - Flowers, Charlotte, Clash
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 03 - Charlotte Weaving At Cascade
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 04 - Themes - Fragment, Tina, Moody, Jerry
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 05 - Themes - Charlotte, Doctor, Parting, Yankee Doodle
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 06 - Themes - Flowers, Charlotte
Now Voyager - Scoring Session - 07 - Themes - Moody, Persuasion, Ivory Box, Doctor, Charlotte's Room

pw = youdont

Now Voyager (1942) (Max Steiner) [Scoring Session] (Rapidshare)

Now Voyager (1942) (Max Steiner) [Scoring Session] (Megaupload)

around 15 MB

@ 128 Kbps

Thank You! So very much! Golden Age stuff is still the best!
Hi Honored General!

You know how much I love the Golden Age! You're very welcome! :))
Thank you so much! Finally a link that works! Amazing Oscar winning OST!
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