Thursday, October 05, 2006

Superman III (1983 Soundtrack) (Ken Thorne & Giorgio Moroder)

Inevitably, any non-Williams Superman film scores are going to be less satisfying than the original, but they're still fun. And when I think of Superman, I automatically think of Roger Miller & Chaka Khan. But that's just me. Enjoy!

Track List:

Superman III (1983) - 01 - Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis) - [Ken Thorne]
Superman III (1983) - 02 - Saving The Factory; The Acid Test - [Ken Thorne]
Superman III (1983) - 03 - Gus Finds a Way - [Ken Thorne]
Superman III (1983) - 04 - Two Faces of Superman - [Ken Thorne]
Superman III (1983) - 05 - Struggle Within; Final Victory - [Ken Thorne]
Superman III (1983) - 06 - Rock On - [Vocal - Marshall Crenshaw]
Superman III (1983) - 07 - No See, No Cry - [Vocal - Chaka Khan]
Superman III (1983) - 08 - They Won't Get Me - [Vocal - Roger Miller]
Superman III (1983) - 09 - Love Theme - [perf. by Helen St. John]
Superman III (1983) - 10 - Main Title March (Synthesized Version) - Giorgio Moroder
Superman III (1983) - 11 - Superman III Theme (Extended - Unreleased)

pw = youdont

Superman III (Rapidshare)
Superman III (Megaupload)

around 57 MB

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
He! He! He! He! He! He! HA!

You are a funny one..:)
Yes you are! :)

Thanks for putting a few Thornes in my side.
Hi Isbum!

You're quite welcome! Any Thorne in a storm! :)))
Cool, can't wait to grab this and part II.

Great! I'm gonna pass on Superman II cuz I don't think Thorne did anything remotely new... Kinda music editing rather than original scoring... BUT This one is actually pretty cool.
I AM skipping those songs, though...
Thanks for giving me the option!
Hi Skunkape!

Thanks! I'm glad I could make it available. :)


Hi Anonymous!

I know what you mean. There's some truth in what you say (though I still enjoy it). And am always glad to give people an option! :))
I've been looking for this one for some time.Unfortunately it's been deleted from Rapidshare. Any chance of re-uploading it please!

Thorne to be wild!
Your wish is my command! :))
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