Thursday, October 05, 2006

Superman II (1980 Soundtrack) (Ken Thorne)

'Isbum' mentioned the lack of Ken Thorne scores available so it made me want to put up these next 2 posts. It's what you would expect - a minimalist score representative of Restoration, wait, that's not right. Well, enjoy it anyway!

Track List:

Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 01 - Preface
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 02 - Main Title
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 03 - Lift Into Space; Release Of The Villains
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 04 - Lex Escapes
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 05 - Honeymoon Hotel
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 06 - Lex And Miss Teschmacher To The Fortress
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 07 - Clark Exposed As Superman
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 08 - Lovers Fly North
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 09 - Mother's Advice
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 10 - TV President Resigns; Clark To Fortress
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 11 - Aerial Battle; Superman Saves Spire
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 12 - Sad Return
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 13 - Ursa Flies Over Moon
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 14 - Clark Fumbles Rescue
Superman II (1980) (Ken Thorne) - 15 - End Title

pw = youdont

Superman II (Rapidshare)
Superman II (Megaupload)

around 51 MB

Thanks for your comments on my blog! I am a music score fanatic and love collecting it. I will take just about anything, but I love John Williams, Alan Silvestri, James Horner and Hans Zimmer.

Anyway, what you are posting is awesome, (especially Superman II- yeaa!).

I think if I could ask for anything, I would love to hear the soundtrack to Charade. That is one of my favorite movies. I found a few tracks from the soundtrack, but not all. Soooo, if you ever come across that, I'd love to hear it. Again thanks, and yes I'd love for you to link to my blog!

I'm now a regular customer here!
Hi Sallie!

Thanks for your comments here! I think Ibiza (link in the link list) has shared Charade. If you search his blog, you should find it. If not, let me know. :))

You're always welcome here, you regular customer, you!!
I checked that site, but couldn't find any Henry Mancini. I even looked at his more recent postings.

If you find someone that has it, let me know. Thanks!
This is for Sallie, just because I like her name (Sallie or Sally):

And now, it's time for our Name That Tune game!! Here are a few lines taken from a (not so famous) song by a very famous singer:

Round and round goes Arthur's head
Hasn't eaten well for days
Little Sally may be lovely
But cooking leaves her in a maze

If you can name that tune, you'll win my consideration and eternal respect. If you can't, I want your children, grand children and grand grand children to have tiny balls. And that goes for girls, too. (Naaah, it's just a joke!!!).

The Charade album comes from the Ibiza blog, April (avril) 2006; Nomwl1 was right, as always!!!
Thanks Mickey!

I knew it was in there somewhere, but I didn't have time to look it up, so I really appreciate you doing it. Thanks so much again! (In case you can't read the link because of the short column, you can open the 'links to this post' or the permanent link to see longer lines.)

And the 'cooking leaves her in a maze' line sounds familiar, but I don't recognize any of the other lines. You've got us stumped, Mickey! (and here's hoping the tiny balls thing doesn't come true) :))
The answer is "Uncle Arthur" by (a very young) David Bowie!!

Considering that you were the only contender to this silly contest, the "tiny balls" thing is void and will apply only to the one who organized the contest. OUCH!! Now call me Minnie!! ;-))

See you!!
thank you very much!
Hi thanks for your support, just grabbin' the supermans. Love the cover you have posted for part 2.

"I think I'll have the fish.
-Thin Cop

Hi Mickey!

You stumped us all! :))


Hi Anonymous!

You're very welcome!


Hi Skunkape!

Always glad to support great blogs (and bloggers)! I love that cover too! :))
awesome contribution... there was also a rare extended version of this soundtrack that featured more music, like when he was flying the American Flag to the White House... you wouldn't happen to have that would you?
Hi Anonymous!

Sorry, no, but it might turn up at the Requests Post sometime.
Superman is my favorite hero of all times. Who wrote it, was a genius.
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