Thursday, October 05, 2006

Maya (1966 Soundtrack) (Riz Ortolani)

People have mentioned from time to time that they enjoyed the Ortolani I put up and wanted more, so here it is! It may not be the kind of Ortolani they were looking for, but it's still a nice dramatic score. I've never seen this film, but it starred Clint Walker (of the Cheyenne TV show) and Jay North (of the Dennis The Menace TV show). It was about a boy and his father in India though the music doesn't have an Indian flavor. The movie was the basis for the TV show, 'Maya', also starring Jay North. Enjoy!

Track List:

Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 01 - Main Theme From Maya
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 02 - The Cheetah Is Shot
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 03 - Journey To The Temple
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 04 - Maya's Wrath
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 05 - Raji's Father Dies
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 06 - Primo
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 07 - The Pursuit
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 08 - Raji
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 09 - Terry And His Father
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 10 - The Big City
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 11 - Terry's Jungle Experiences
Maya (1966) (Riz Ortolani) - 12 - Raji And Terry

pw = youdont

Maya (Rapidshare)
Maya (Megaupload)

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@ 320 Kbps

Bless you for allowing me to avoid the sad prospect of saving this off my old, scratchy vinyl copy...
Hi Anonymous!

Always glad to help! I know what that's like. :))
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