Thursday, October 26, 2006

By Request (Sort Of) - Big (1988) (Howard Shore)

This is another one of those 'sort of' requests since it wasn't made here, but 'Sallie' requested this elsewhere and I uploaded it and had the link, so I thought I'd post it. Well, it was something I wanted to post eventually anyway. Another favorite movie with a great score and a memorable theme (the 'Goodbye' theme). Or you can just get it for Hoagy Carmichael's 'Heart and Soul' and Chopsticks on a toy piano. This is the Limited Edition version.

And this time, I only put up a Rapidshare link (sorry, about that), but since Rapidshare reverted back to their 100 Mb limit and I've had to go back to splitting files, in this particular case, I didn't feel like going back and zipping it again for the Megaupload option.

Track List:

Big - 01 - Opening
Big - 02 - Calliope
Big - 03 - Zoltar
Big - 04 - Waking Up
Big - 05 - New York
Big - 06 - Alone in the Hotel
Big - 07 - Toy Store Walking Piano
Big - 08 - To Bed
Big - 09 - Racquetball
Big - 10 - Falling in Love
Big - 11 - Moonlight Serenade (Glenn Miller)
Big - 12 - Josh and Susan
Big - 13 - The Envelope
Big - 14 - Visiting Home (David Pomeranz)
Big - 15 - The Confession
Big - 16 - Billy and Mom
Big - 17 - Finding Zoltar
Big - 18 - Goodbye and End Titles
Big - 19 - Waking Up (Alternate)
Big - 20 - New York (Alternate)
Big - 21 - Visiting Home (Alternate)
Big - 22 - Visiting Home (Alternate #2)
Big - 23 - Billy and Mom (Alternate)
Big - 24 - Goodbye - Part One (Alternate)
Big - 25 - Goodbye - Part Two (Alternate)
Big - 26 - End Titles (Alternate)

pw = youdont

Big ( only) Part 1

Big ( only) Part 2

around 149 MB

@ 320 Kbps

zip file damaged.. please re-up.. about 2-sec after accepting the password and while unzipping it crashes wih an "unknown error"--- DOUGH!!

tried downloading a couple times and many passwor entries.. no sucess..

please upload this again!! File has now been deleted!
Pooper - I was gonna grab this - but of course - waited too long.

Oh well.

Not that it matters - but I started using and have had a lot fewer instances of mysteriously vanished files.
Hi Rethrick!

Sorry, I don't know if everyone had this problem. You're the only one who has mentioned it so far. Please, try again. :)


Hi Anonymous!

Your wish is my command.


Hi Jazz!

Filesend seems pretty good for downloading so far. Haven't tried it for uploading yet. Only using Rapidshare because of my Premium account, but now that they've switched to, I can't upload on anymore even with my account and I can't download any new files using Rapidget, so it's like they want me to leave!! I may end up using Filesend pretty soon!
thanks so much for reposting it - I got your message! :)
"Anonymous" here ;) Thank you for re-upping this!!
You're very welcome!
Thanks A LOTTT!!!!!
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