Thursday, October 26, 2006

M Squad (1957 TV)

Here is the music from the TV show, 'M Squad', starring Lee Marvin. Marvin played a no-nonsense Chicago police detective. Since this TV show doesn't get re-run a lot, people probably primarily know this show indirectly as being the basis for parody. This is the show which the TV show, 'Police Squad', and the subsequent 'Naked Gun' movies spoof and Marvin's character is essentially the serious version of Leslie Nielsen (or is that the other way around?). You can't really watch the original TV show now without thinking of Leslie Nielsen, actually.

And when Ira Newborn composed the theme to Police Squad, he didn't really stray too far from what Count Basie composed for the second season theme of the original. Musical director, Stanley Wilson, composed the original first season TV theme, but for the second season they went with the different and incredibly jazzy Basie theme. This album is really the definition of crime jazz. And for people who don't really care anything for crime, jazz, or TV shows, they may be interested in Johnny Williams' contributions. But then again, if you don't care about those other things, what are you doing reading this blog in the first place? Enjoy this absolutely fantastic album!

Track List:

The Music from M Squad (1957) - 01 - M Squad (Theme) (Count Basie)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 02 - The Chase (John Williams)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 03 - The Search (Benny Carter)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 04 - Phantom Raiders (Benny Carter)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 05 - Lonely Beat (Stan Wilson)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 06 - The Juke Box (Benny Carter)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 07 - The Mugger (Benny Carter)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 08 - The Discovery (John Williams)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 09 - The Late Spot (Stan Wilson)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 10 - The Cha-Cha-Cha Club (Stan Wilson)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 11 - A Lady Sings the Blues (Stan Wilson & S. Burke)
The Music from M Squad (1957) - 12 - The End (John Williams)

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M Squad (Rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)

M Squad (Megaupload)

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Thank you nomwl1
---this is an album i was planning to rip for awhile now (sweet---now i don't have to! that'll give me time to play Santa and get to some more requests.)
See you soon---
All The Best,
Rocket From Mars
A big thank you from a big fan of crime jazz..and Lee Marvin. This was one of my favorite shows.
Had to come back after listening to this several times. It's nothing short of incredible! It's a cherished vinyl and your post made me dig it out again. Those not familiar with it...What are you waiting for?
Hi Rocket!

I'm so glad I could save you the trouble. You've saved me so much trouble already, I'm glad I could do it at least once for you! :))


Hi Anonymous!

I'm really glad I could make the album to one of your favorite shows available! I love hearing that. :)) And thank you so much for the endorsement!!! This album is fantastic!

Great to hear it again after so many years. I saw an episode when I went to Barbados in 1980,and was astounded by its' brutality.
This was shown on mainsteam US tv in 1957! One thing is for sure, the programmes from that period knew how to make great theme tunes.

Years later,the show "Police Sqaud" made a very fine parody of both the original show and music.
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