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By Request - The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith)

'Anonymous' requested this score in the comments of the Requests post, but before I could post it, 'Rocket From Mars' very kindly uploaded it and provided this link. 'Rocket' worried about stepping on my toes, but he never has to worry about being nice enough to help out someone with a request! I sometimes think 'Rocket', 'Isbum', 'Mickey', 'Breton Girl', 'Ripman', 'Quidtum', and so many others should have their own blogs (or run this one), because they're all generous and they have fabulous collections. I think they could all probably do a better job at running this blog than me frankly, but that's just my opinion.

It's one thing to share this material when you've got a platform like a blog to do it, but it's another thing to magnanimously make their material available in the comment sections of blogs or in other places simply because of their love of music and the desire to share it. I have the utmost respect for that kind of generosity. The time and effort it takes to make it available without getting the same spotlight as bloggers do or having the same incentive of getting a free month at Rapidshare or having ads on a blog is generosity above and beyond, so that's why I always marvel at those fine people who do it (not to gush too much over them, but hey, they deserve it.)

So what does that have to do with The Secret of NIMH? Hmmmm......(runs away leaving a smoke outline of a fleeing man, hoping people don't notice he went off on another tangent).

Well, since I already uploaded this, I thought I'd post it anyway. And here's how insane I am. I still intend on downloading Rocket's version too. I used to pass on stuff I knew I already had, but now I download it just to be on the safe side. I would pass on stuff and then realize that it was an extended version, a bootleg, had bonus tracks, had better sound, or was simply a different version and then kick myself when it was gone. So now, I just download it anyway. It also saves me the trouble of encoding it. But sometimes it is ridiculous.

Like I think I've downloading the Flash Gordon soundtrack from 3 different blogs because I thought that CD was in storage, and then a while ago I was looking in a box of soundtracks and realized I had it here all the time! Well, in fairness, I think the first version I downloaded was ogg vorbis, so I thought I'd get another mp3 version. But I forget why I downloaded it the third time. Same thing for the 'Burbs. I think I've dl'ed that one 3 times and I already had that one too. But I had the extended version, so the first time I thought I'd get the original CD version. I forget what happened the next 2 times. And Evil Dead 1 & 2. Already had those too and I think I stupidly downloaded those from 3 different blogs anyway. You just never know though if it's got some differences, so it just saves time (but not space) in the long run to go ahead and download multiples copies rather than compare and contrast. And you really don't know in most cases until you download it, unless someone lists the track titles (which is why I list them.....and no, it's not so I can make the blog more verbose). This way, people can see which version they're getting.

Well, just like I said with The Three Suns' albums, go ahead and download both versions of The Secret of NIMH. Who needs hard drive space anyway? My version is the CD one on the TER label, and I forget how many different versions there are out there, but I'm downloading Rocket's version anyway! You're, of course, free to do whatever you want (but only this one time because in the future I expect you to obey my commands without question). Enjoy!

Track List:

The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 01 - Main Title
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 02 - The Tractor
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 03 - The Sentry Reel
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 04 - Step Inside My House
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 05 - The House Raising
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 06 - Moving Day
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 07 - No Thanks
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 08 - Allergic Reaction
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 09 - Flying Dreams - [Vocal - Sally Stevens]
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 10 - Escape from NIMH
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 11 - Flying High; End Title
The Secret of NIMH (1982) (Jerry Goldsmith) - 12 - Flying Dreams - [Vocal - Paul Williams]

pw = youdont

The Secret of NIMH (Rapidshare)
The Secret of NIMH (Megaupload)

around 69 MB

*blush* thanks a lot for the nice comment :))

By the way, have you got the complete version of The 'Burbs soundtrack? The one i've got (from Manchester Morgue, i think) got 7 tracks missing... :( If you could upload this quickly (i'll be off sunday morning for 6 weeks, i'll go to see my best friend in Arizona), i'll be more than grateful and i'll try to post something special for christmas, just for you... :)
Paul Williams is a funny man.
Does that make him a "Nimh-Wit"?

Do you remember his first appearance in the movies was "The Loved One" ?
he was the kid who ended up launching corpses into space!

Hey! These word verifications are starting to curse at me! ;)
Wile we're on the subject of Jerry, doe ANYONE have the boot copy of The Shadow? Universal Music 4431-9436-2 ? not the crappy Arista release that is so messed up with all kinds of junk, and not enough of the score. I'm sure that a lot of his fans would really want this one! Thank you for all that you have put up! It is much appreciated, and greatly enjoyed! Thank You so very much!
Hi nomwl1 (and everyone else!),

Wow. Thanks for the kind words but I doubt I could run a site as well and or, as friendly as yours. Like I've said before; I'm relatively new to blogging but I really feel a certain camraderie and friendship from the folks that visit this blog in particular. And in large part the reason for that is you, our super cool host. Hats off to you!

As far as getting bonus points, or whatever, the joy for me is sharing some stuff that others might really want and enjoy (yes isbum---i've got McKenna's Gold and plan on ripping and posting that over the weekend! i'll post it in the 'request' 'comments section' soon with some of your other requests---promise!)

Like someone else mentioned recently, a simple thanks is usually more than enough.

All The Best,

Rocket From Mars

ps I almost forgot nomwl1---thanks for The Silencers! I've got the awesome Dean Martin vocal score but have been looking for this one for awhile now.
WOW! Great news there, Rocket from Mars! Can't wait to hear what your gonna come up with!!

I feel the same way as you do Rocket. Why would I want to start a blog when we are all havin' so much fun with nomilie;)He's a cool and generous cat with a big place here that we can all play in!

BTW: I put together some sweet covers (front&back) for the records you have ripped Rocketman.
If you want, I can send them to you as jpg's.

email address
Hi everybody!

This isn't a real comment, so ignore it (until I can think of something better to say), but I just wanted to let Breton Girl know that I wouldn't be able to post the 'Burbs before Sunday morning. So sorry!!! I'm not sure if it's any different from Manchester Morgue's version; I've got to check. But by the time you get back, it should be up if you still want it.

Again, sorry I'm not able to post it before you go, but it'll be waiting for you when you get back! Have a wonderful trip to Arizona!

And to everyone else, check back later for better responses to your comments. :))
*blush* Thanks a lot for the nice comment... :)
And i just wait more for the (full) complete score of The 'Burbs, that's all....
Outstanding! I've been looking for this one for years! Thanks!!!
Hi Isbum!

Yeah, Paul Williams was a funny man. Once he got typecast in his acting roles, I think casting agents didn't utilize him to his fullest potential. They should've kept giving him roles where he could launch corpses into space. They really wasted him on other things later on. :)

And those word verifications can be tough! Mine is actually spelling out, 'StopBlogging', but I refuse to pay any attention.


Hi Honored General!

I was all set to put it in the Request post when it got fulfilled at JazzNotes, so I took it off quickly before it got embarassing!

And thanks for your consistently nice words!


Hi Rocket!

See, I told everybody that people who came here were exceptionally nice and darned if I wasn't right! You and everybody else are the reason bloggers keep going. Look at all the nice things you've done for everybody by taking the trouble to rip so many albums for people! (And in case anybody thought your generosity just extended to soundtracks, I've appreciated and welcomed your visits for a long time since you left nice comments early on and offered more versions of 'House of the Rising Sun')

Though you wouldn't have to do a thing and you'd still be most welcome here! And I actually think you could probably run this blog better than I could, but it's still just my opinion. :))

And thanks again for all the nice things you said! And you're most welcome, good buddy, for The Silencers. :))


Hi again, Isbum!

Thanks for those nice words! You know, I never realize people look at the blog in that way until you and Rocket and others say that. It's nice to know that people feel it's a nice place to come! :))


Hi Breton Girl!

I know you're on vacation and probably won't read this (like anybody else is going to read this now that it's an older post, but I still like to respond to these comments), but I'll make sure you get The Burbs when you come back!


Hi Anonymous!

I'm so glad I could make it available after you've been looking for it for so long!

Thank you for keeping this up.
This won't really have success, I consider like this.
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