Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Repost - 1776 Film Soundtrack

Update: I thought I'd post this one again. Enjoy!

And in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July, here's the soundtrack to the 1972 film musical, '1776', starring William Daniels as John Adams, Howard Da Silva as Ben Franklin, & Ken Howard as Thomas Jefferson. I remember watching this movie in the theater when I was a kid and it's still a favorite. For a while, it used to be an annual tradition that this film would be shown on television every Independence Day, but for some reason they've stopped showing it. I guess America's gotten a lot less patriotic or something.

It's amazing how the film is able to build tension about whether everyone is going to sign the Declaration of Independence or not. You'd think they wouldn't be able to create genuine suspense as to the outcome particularly when everybody knows how it's going to turn out, but they actually do. Now that's storytelling.

Today, Blythe Danner may be arguably best known as Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, but back then she played Martha Jefferson. I bet some people back then probably thought she was married to Ken Howard in real life; between this movie and the TV show, 'Adam's Rib', in which they played the Hepburn & Tracy roles, they had a good on-screen chemistry. And while I think Gwyneth Paltrow is gorgeous, Blythe Danner is the one who still does it for me. She was hot back then and she's still hot today. (Excuse the drooling..........but I digress.....)

People will also recognize familiar actors such as John Myhers and John Cullum. I never watched the TV show, 'Northern Exposure', but I guess that's what John Cullum may be best known for. I associate him with his stage work though. The same thing goes for William Daniels too. I never watched the TV show, 'St. Elsewhere' either, but I suppose that's what he's best known for. Or to some people, as the voice of K.I.T.T. on the Knightrider TV show. I associate him with other TV or film appearances though. I always think of him in the movie, 'The President's Analyst', as the suburban father. He was so good at playing the uptight establishment characters or cold, unemotional people, so it's good to see him play passionate, rebellious characters like this too.

I decided to put up the film soundtrack instead of the original Broadway production or the revivial since as far as I know the film soundtrack isn't available anywhere (although I haven't checked lately, so it may have come out as far as I know).

Well, enjoy the soundtrack and have a great Independence Day!

pw = you_dont_have_to_visit

1776 (1972 Film) (Sherman Edwards)

Track List:

01 - Orchestra - Overture
02 - William Daniels & Company - Sit Down, John
03 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Piddle, Twiddle, And Resolve; Till Then
04 - Ronald Holgate, Howard Da Silva, & William Daniels - The Lees of Old Virginia
05 - William Daniels, Howard Da Silva, Ken Howard, Rex Robbins, & John Myhers - But, Mr. Adams
06 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Yours, Yours, Yours
07 - Blythe Danner, Howard Da Silva, & William Daniels - He Plays The Violin
08 - Donald Madden, David Ford, & Chorus - Cool, Cool, Considerate Men
09 - Stephen Nathan, William Duell, & Mark Montgomery - Momma Look Sharp
10 - Howard Da Silva, William Daniels, & Ken Howard - The Egg
11 - John Cullum - Molasses To Rum
12 - William Daniels & Virginia Vestoff - Compliments
13 - William Daniels - Is Anybody There
14 - David Ford & Ralston Hill - Finale

Rapidshare link:

1776 Film Soundtrack


Megaupload link:

1776 Film Soundtrack

thank you so much for putting the 1776 film soundtrack here! it was the only place that i could find it! i downloaded it...however...it says it is password protected...how does one unlock the password? please & thank you!
Password was right above the track listings:

pw = you_dont_have_to_visit
When I tried to download this it said that the decompression failed. Is there something I can do to fix this? Or should I just give up?
If you need a picture of the original album cover, here's one:

Thanks so much!
I try to extract with winrar using the you_dont_have_to_visit pass. But it keeps getting a "wrong password" error. Any ideas why?
'decompression failed'---I got the same message :(
Thousands of Thanks. I asked for this soundtrack for Christmas, and mistakingly received the Revival, which leaves a great deal to be desired in my opinion. I need to hear John Adams, Howard Da Silva and especially John Collum's version of "Molasses". It's truly the definitive version.
where can i download the movie?
I have been looking for this soundtrack since I first saw the movie in 1976 when it was popular during the Bi-Centennial -- yes, I am that old! Apparently it is non existant on CD...I finally found the LP on EBAY (minus Cool Considerate Men) but had no luck converting it to CD. Couldn't get the levels right) Love the Broadway version, too, but 1776 is one of the few musicals I like the movie soundtrack as much! Then only last week, someone was selling his "remastered" CD and I had to stop when the bidding got to $35.00... I'm not good a lot of googling, blogs and websites, but please, let me know if there are any other obscure musicals or shows you are looking for, I would love to be able to help YOU as much as you have helped me!
ok, just so you know, the film soundtrack is still not available ANYWHERE but here! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! and for those who have i tunes, once the download is colplete and you enter the password, double clocking on the music puts it automatically into your i tunes!
I just happened to be passing through this blogger page,https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blog
and stopped to read a few comments. My name is Keith Edwards, son of the late 1776 co-author 1776, and music publisher and copyright owner for 1776 - for the past 25 years. This is not my primary vocation but I've become pretty knowledgeable about it, what with negotiating the 1998 Broadway revival with some of the biggest names in town, and oh yes, signing the TVT Records cast album with Brent Spiner among others.

However, I have a question about the theater and record business that perhaps some of the fans here can help me with; when they say they cannot find the CD or DVD - are they talking about on Amazon.com or other points of sale? Or do they mean can't find it for a free download? Because I can say with some certainty that it has been for sale right there on Amazon in the same place the entire time. One day though, the loyal fans of 1776 decided that if they just "liked the show" they were fans...and fans were entitled to free reproductions of the movies, CD's etc. . And in many cases those who "liked the show the most" gave away the most free view. Somehow, though there comes a time when the people who are spending all the money to create these great shows, realize that these "fans" expect them to just give away recordings and movies on line, for free. As if everyone who lives has a God given right to take what they want - for nothing. The result, for those who care, kind of goes like this; TVT Records 10 years ago before everyone somehow was blessed with the "right" to take whatever they wanted, TVT was a great indie label who gave lots of otherwise non-mainstream artists a break into the business. They also put out the 1998 Cast Album of 1776. Now I am looking for a website; can anyone tell me the site where I can collect the monjey fees from TVT for the 1776 Cast Albums they keep producing and putting in the on-line stores, And where the site is for the artists and musicians who are supposed to be paid every time their are heard singing their song is? And the siote where TVT collects teh money they have to pay the publishers and songwriters every time the album is downloaded even though nobody pays for it. Can somebody please point me to the "free royalty download"page. Apparently TVT Records couldn't find the page either because while everybody was looking for a way to save.99 or maybe $9.99 TVT quietly went bankrupt this past February. Now all you "fans" who lovc those TVT artists so much have done them a great favor - you've taught them the consequences of greed. As if it wasn't hard enough for them to get into the business..incredibly, you have found a way to make it even harder to get out of the business. So now, you're going to have to be fans of musicians who sell their music maybe 1000, 10,000. per year...not enough money for a good instrument and a mic. No development for talented people so they can't afford to bother getting in the biz. All those downloads of Broadway show movies; I counted 12 million illegal views on one single page from the movie "Titanic"...(a great opening weekend for these movies is what, 20 million tickets?)I don't know about that side of things)

Well, you reap what you sow...and if everything is harvested and nothing planted..."Nothin from Nothin' leaves Nothin" (Billy Preston).
Thank you so much! I thought I could get this on Itunes but they don't have it. I held out little help of finding it elsewhere, so I was thrilled to find it here.
First of all, to the person who posted this, I believe that we are all indebted to your generosity. Secondly, to Mr. Edwards, who seems to have a particularly negative opinion of this posting and apparently all free music in general, I feel the need to point out that, were he to actually research the specific item being downloaded, it would NOT be found on Amazon.com. I know this for a fact because I just looked it up several minutes ago. The original Broadway soundtrack is there, the revival cast production is there... but where is the movie soundtrack? If in fact there is a CD for the movie soundtrack, indulge us, benevolent sir, by informing us of where exactly the said item could possibly be purchased. And if it does not exist, is it really the fault of the public that we were never given the opportunity to pay for it? If this is the case, I fear that the random little anecdote about the rise and fall of TVT Records is rather irrelevant, is it not?

Anyway, in closing, this posting is, in my own humble opinion, a wonderful gift to all 1776 fans, though opinions obviously may deviate from my own.
If you can't get this to work, I got almost all of the soundtrack by going to http://www.listentoyoutube.com/index.php and copying and pasting the URLs of the various YouTube videos with the songs from the movie on them. Some of them take some looking for, but Cool, Cool, Considerate Men was the only one I could not find. Good luck to everyone finding this amazing soundtrack! I promise it's worth it.
I don't know how to thank you. I love the movie version better than Broadway's. I found the LP but no CD. I have been looking for something like this for many years. Thank you thank you thank you.
I had to use WinZip to extract the files from this zip file. The password did not work in my shell-integrated unzipper but WinZip worked fine.
Thank you so much!!! I almost had a seizure of happiness when I saw this-- You own my soul!!

I think the part you didn't read is the fact that the MOVIE SOUNDTRACK was never available ANYWHERE. I bought the 1776 (Original Broadway Cast) but was very disappointed because I loved Howard da Silva as Ben Franklin and I loved Blythe Danner's version of the song because she seems more meek than the broadway version. IF they had released a movie OST, I would certainly buy it.

ALSO, if you had actually downloaded this zip file, you would have recognized that the blogger had actually just recorded straight from the movie because it included dialogues and sound effects.

And heaven forbid that I buy that new cast recording of 1776. Nice voice Brent Spiner, but you ain't no William Daniels.

Thank you blogger, I thought I had to actually rip the audio from the Restored Director's Cut DVD, but you saved me a lot of trouble. :D
Oh, and I have to say that when it starts to sound menacing on "Cool, Cool, Considerate Men"...it gives me chills to even consider what they were singing. ;)
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Thank you so much for posting this! I really wanted to BUY* a CD of the 1776 film soundtrack but I couldn't ever find one. After reading this blog post, I see that they never released the soundtrack on CD!

*Do you hear that, Keith Edwards? I said BUY! Get them to release a FILM soundtrack and people WOULD buy it. Release it on July 4th one year soon!
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Thank you so much! I've looked everywhere for this!

I loved it when it came out and now my kids are addicted to it!
I've been a fan of the film for years. Thank you kind-Lee!
Thank you SOOOO much!! I was looking for this everywhere and couldn't find it!! We love it!! Yea America! Happy Independence Day!
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Thank you so much! This is the only version with Howard Da Silva and no one else is Ben Franklin!
You have no idea how much I appreciate this! Thank you so much.

Each song in its COMPLETE ENTIRETY!!!!! You have done a wonderful job just wish there was covert art available. Thank you. 1776 is ALIVE on my IPOD!!!!!
I'd looked for this for a long time-many many thanks!
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thanks for the songs. Gotta do a project based on those songs.
Thanks for this. Opened with no problem. If ever a licensed soundtrack CD/download becomes available I'll certainly purchase that immediately. I'd done a similar thing with the more complete LD release but have unfortunately lost the cassette. One of these days I'll have to try and recreate it.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I downloaded the Rapid Share, as MegaUpload was removed. However, it keeps asking me for a password - WHERE CAN I FIND IT? I've always wanted this soundtrack - again, thanks so much!
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