Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tremors (1990) / Bloodrush [Promo Soundtrack] (Ernest Troost & Robert Folk)

Here's another Oktoberfest score. Another soundtrack to a favorite movie, Tremors (and to an unreleased movie, Bloodrush). Robert Folk is another favorite composer of mine though unfortunately this release doesn't have nearly enough of his music from the film, so in that respect it's a little disappointing, but if you love the film, you might still enjoy this souvenir of it. Or if you're a fan of unreleased movies, you always have 'Bloodrush' to enjoy.

This seems like the kind of score that someone would've posted on another blog somewhere, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere. If anyone has already posted it, my apologies. (But is it really possible to have too many Bloodrushes?)

Track List:

01 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - Titles; Opening Sequence
02 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - Val & Earl; Rhonda
03 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - Something's Wrong
04 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - First Attack; Pole Vaulting
05 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - On The Rocks; Graboid; Uzi4U
06 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - On The Road; Miguel's Plan; Nester
07 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - Val's Run; Don't Move; The Dozer Rescue
08 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - The Journey Begins; Truck Attack; The Rocks
09 - Tremors [Promo] (Ernest Troost; Robert Folk) - Goin' Fishin'; Stampede; Closing
10 - Bloodrush [Promo] (Ernest Troost) - The Hospital
11 - Bloodrush [Promo] (Ernest Troost) - The Nurse
12 - Bloodrush [Promo] (Ernest Troost) - The Hallway
13 - Bloodrush [Promo] (Ernest Troost) - The Struggle

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Tremors / Bloodrush (Rapidshare)
Tremors / Bloodrush (Megaupload)

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@ 256 Kbps

I just found this in your archive when I was looking for information about Ernest Troost. I'd never heard of him before. But, he (or someone with the same name as him) did the score for one of my daughter's books-on-cd "Officer Buckle and Gloria." I enjoyed the music from Officer Buckle, so I looked to see what else he's done. How cool that you knew months ago about this treat (well, you probably knew about it even earlier, but you posted it months ago). You are so good!

amazing! thank you for the Tremors soundtrack!
great...thanx for the soundtrack
I've yet to start a blogger account but am glad to have found you!! Thanks for posting tremors. This will be a delight and something different to listen to!! :) Life is Music! Music is Love! Music will save the World!
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