Friday, September 01, 2006

Jesus Christ Superstar (1972 Brasilian Cast)

Here's the 1972 Brasilian cast album of Jesus Christ Superstar. I think I already put one of these tracks on one of the Alternative Stage Music volumes, but I thought people might like to hear the whole thing. I've put the English language titles in brackets.

The musicals and stage-related material I put up doesn't tend to be that popular on the blog, at least as far as I can tell (it's always hard to know for sure since I have no way of tracking the number of Megaupload downloads), but popularity's never really been the watchword for this blog anyway. If popularity was the guiding factor for what to post, the entire blog would probably be blank except for a few pictures of Jacqueline Bisset and Shelley Fabares in a bikini. Come to think of it, that wouldn't be so bad either! Well, in lieu of that, enjoy hearing Pontius Pilate singing in Portuguese.........

Track List:

1972 Brasilian Cast - 01 - [Heaven On Their Minds]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 02 - [Everything's Alright]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 03 - [This Jesus Must Die]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 04 - [Hosanna]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 05 - [Simon Zealotes]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 06 - [Pilate's Dream]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 07 - [I Don't Know How To Love Him]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 08 - [Gethsemane]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 09 - [Peter's Denial]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 10 - [Could We Start Again Please]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 11 - [King Herod's Song]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 12 - [Judas' Death]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 13 - [Trial Before Pilate]
1972 Brasilian Cast - 14 - [Superstar]

pw = youdont

Jesus Christ Superstar (1972 Brasilian Cast) (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)
Jesus Christ Superstar (1972 Brasilian Cast) (megaupload)

around 40 MB

@ 128 Kbps

Hi, came across your blog by happy accident and was quite excited to see this, as I love foreign versions of JCS. However, when I downloaded it, it won't open -- says I have the wrong password. I tried both 'youdont' and 'you_dont_have_to_visit', and both were rejected. Just thought you should know. (Now, off to browse through the rest of your blog ;))
the password works fine.
thanks for this rare recording!!
Quality information! Will you follow up on this specific matter?
I fully match with whatever thing you've presented.
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