Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sleuth Soundtrack

If you're like me and you love the movie, Sleuth, with Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine, then you will love hearing the soundtrack which includes great music by John Addison and some dialogue from the film. I know some soundtrack purists absolutely hate dialogue on score soundtracks, but it's hard not to love the music. I can understand why people feel that way though because they feel it interrupts the flow of the music, but unlike a lot of soundtrack lovers, I enjoy dialogue since it reminds me of the film (but I prefer the best of both worlds when they release 2 different versions).

If you haven't seen the movie, it's a lot of fun and you'll enjoy the album even more if you see it first (but it's not absolutely necessary to enjoy the music). So have fun listening and remember.......in olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, now heaven knows................

Sleuth (1972) (John Addison)

Track List:

01 - Overture
02 - Sleuth Theme
03 - Milo's Theme
04 - Jewel Box
05 - Count To Twenty
06 - Marguerite's Theme
07 - Panic
08 - The Bad Old Days
09 - Milo The Clown
10 - Break In
11 - Inspector Doppler
12 - Garden Grave
13 - Andrew and Milo
14 - Murder Clues
15 - End Game
16 - Epilogue

password on Rapidshare zip file = you_dont_have_to_visit

Sleuth (Rapidshare zip file)


Update: I've fixed this link so now it works properly:

password on Megaupload rar file = youdont

Sleuth (Megaupload rar file)

and for anybody using Stuffit or Mac who had trouble unzipping the Rapidshare zip file before, I've also uploaded a Rapidshare rar file:

password on Rapidshare rar file = youdont

Sleuth (Rapidshare rar file)

There you go. More Sleuths than you can shake a stick at.

Thanks for all the fun stuff! I enjoy hearing familiar songs in foreign languages. A real brain scrambler. I think I have "Little Shop of Horrors" from Scandanavia. A few "My Fair Lady" and "La Manchas." That 3-set will give me a LOT to listen to!

Always a surprise (sometimes pleasant) to hear familiar TV and movie stars sing. Recently caught up with Lizabeth Scott's long lost Vik album.

And thanks for offering the Megapload alternative.
Thanks for the kind words! I love hearing foreign language versions of things too. I'd love to hear the Scandinavian 'Little Shop of Horrors'. You should consider putting it up at your blog. Or perhaps tracks of the Lizabeth Scott album. That would be fantastic! I love hearing those albums by actresses.

And you're welcome for the Megaupload option. I know how disappointing it can be for people sometimes when they see rapidshare everywhere they look.
it doesn't work
wrong music !
Hi anonymous.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'it doesn't work
wrong music !' You mean you can't open the file, or the password doesn't work, or it's the wrong music when you play it? I'm not sure what you mean, but a lot of people have downloaded the 'Sleuth' soundtrack, so if it's the wrong music, I haven't heard about it.

If you mean what 'Ill Folks' and I were talking about as being the wrong music, he was referring to the Alternative Stage Music volumes in a previous post.

Let me know if you still want it and we can work something out. Thanks!
ER by wrong music he means 'wrong music'

the link is bad

the megaupload link is the same as 'state music' download just under the slueth listing
Hi Jay!

Thanks so much for clearing that up! I was always dreading that I would make that mistake, but I never realized I made it so long ago! Nobody mentioned it except 'anonymous' and I didn't understand what he meant by that, so I really appreciate you setting me straight. Again, it's that whole 'I'm an idiot' thing.

I've fixed the link so it should be okay now.

Again, thanks for the help!
Thanks very much : "It's work now"
And I'm sure It's as good as usuel
See you
Hi anonymous!

I'm so glad to hear that it's working out fine. Feel free to let me know if there are any other problems. :))
A little late, but anyway to get this soundtrack reposted?
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