Thursday, June 01, 2006

My First Post

I suppose I should start off the first entry of this blog by explaining the title of the blog. It's not meant as some kind of reverse psychology to get people to visit, but it's really a reflection of the way I see this blog. Every once in a while, I've thought about starting a blog. I've enjoyed other people's blogs a great deal and it would inspire me to start one. There would be the random piece of music that I wanted to share or some odd thought I'd like to put out there, but then I would imagine the kind of blog it would be and it would stop me.

I knew if I did start one, it would probably be the kind of blog that, as a reader, I wouldn't want to visit very often myself. I would probably enjoy it a little bit, but I'd put it far back on the list of bookmarks, if it got on at all. I don't say that out of false modesty, but out of knowing that it would probably have all of the following qualities:

1) I'm only online sporadically, so it probably wouldn't be updated very often.
2) It would take a long time to choose & prepare material to be shared, so the sharity would probably be pretty scarce.
3) I probably wouldn't maintain the blog very often, except initially, so at some point there might not be a new entry for months on end.
4) It would probably be the kind of blog that seemed dead or inert to the point where you wondered what happened to the person that started it.
5) It would probably have more text than audio content.
6) It wouldn't have a lot of great insight or background information, thorough research on the music, authoritative critiques that you couldn't get anywhere else, cool scans and pictures, etc.
7) It wouldn't have a cohesive theme or overriding mission statement; it would be pretty random.

In essense, it would be one of those orphaned blogs that make you wonder why the person started it in the first place. Of course, having said all that, the temptation to start one was too powerful. And knowing all this up front, the people visiting this blog should know what to expect. So, I decided I might as well start one anyway. Hence, the title..........

By the way, I still enjoy blogs that have all of the above qualities (though they're not my favorite kind), but I'm perverse that way. I enjoy going back to 'dead' blogs every once in a while in the vain hope that somebody will update them. It almost never happens, but there's some allure to hoping something good doesn't go away completely. I also enjoy smaller blogs that share just a few things, but of course I think I'm like everybody else who prefers blogs that put out a lot of constant content. I don't know how they do it, but I have a lot of admiration for the people who are able to put out a ton of stuff or have researched the material they put out. If I figure out how the linking works, I hope to put links to my favorite sites, so that at least if the rest of the blog is boring, people can use the links as a resource.

I also enjoy blogs that have a lot of information or text, but like everybody else who visits a fair amount of sites, I know that reaction of 'lots of text, but where's the music?' I'd rather put out a lot of music and very little text, but I realize it's probably going to be the other way around, because writing is a lot easier than ripping, compiling, tagging, zipping, uploading, etc. files. I enjoy reading background on the music or the thoughts of the blogger on some random topic, but being a slow reader and visiting a lot of sites myself, I know only too well the thought, 'Oh, no, who has the time or energy to read all this?' Again, hence the title...........

So, if you think of this blog as more of a dumping ground for things I want to put out there, and less of a reliable resource for great material, you probably won't be disappointed.

Now, having gotten all that out of the way, I wasn't sure what to post first, so I thought I'd put up a compilation I made for myself. It was strictly for my own personal listening pleasure and was never meant for public sharity, but I enjoy it a lot, so I figure there must be others out there who would too. Back in the day, I used to make up a ton of tape compilations or theme tapes, as I like to think of them, although I guess other people like to call them mixes or some other terms I can't quite remember. I wasn't overly concerned with sound quality when I made those up, but I just had a lot of themes I wanted to collect on the same tape.

Ironically, when I had the capability of making digital compilations, I ended up making very few. It could've been the normalization issue (and my original CD burner had some issues too), but for whatever reason, I hardly make them up anymore, though I want to. I've overcome those various issues, but I think the reason it seems harder to make up the digital comps is that I could record directly from a CD or cassette to another cassette pretty easily, but it turns into a real production to rip from a CD, let alone a cassette (or LP) to a digital file (along with all the concomitant organization, etc.). It's much easier to alter something I don't like (like the ordering or sound) digitally than it was when I was putting it on tape, obviously, but between the disk space issue & sound quality issue, I think that's why I end up doing it less. The poorer sound quality isn't as obvious on a cassette, but I find I'm more reluctant to put things I had on tape next to some CD quality sound in an mp3 compilation, for instance. And in the past, if I was waiting to find the right songs to put on a tape, it would just sit there until I was ready to finish it. Now, with digital comps, it's sitting on my hard drive taking up a few gigabytes while I wait. Oh, well, nobody really cares but me about such things, but I thought I'd share the thought process anyway.

Pheeeew! That's some first post. I was interested at the start, a little tired in the middle, and a bit bored at the bottom. That's meant to be funny as well as the truth, so I hope your laughing.

I had a quick scan through the content here and thought I would say that it's pretty original and unique, at least imo.

Not sure how much will interest me, but originallity deserves recognition, so you have my compliments on a darn fine job.

Well, I'm going to have a closer look now. Cheerio.

Les (X Offender)
Ha! Ha! I take it completely in the spirit that you meant it. And I agree with you. Later posts aren't quite that verbose (except for some of the private compilations where I left notes), and as you can see I added pictures because even I was having trouble scanning through the blog. :)) The first post had some stuff in it where I was explaining some stuff about the blog so it ended up being long, but I also had trouble figuring out back then how to split up the posts (but you can see I took of care of that since then).

Thanks for the kind words about the content! It's always nice to hear. I was trying to put up stuff that wasn't around too much elsewhere. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on it.

If you let me know what kind of music does interest you, I'll try to put something up. As you can tell from the links, I like all sorts of music, so I might have something you like.
Indeed it was meant in good fun. Just my concentration in my older years is waining.

Well I like girl sounds from 60's, UK or US, mainly. Recently I have become an admirer of oriental sound of this period too -

If you have or get "Girls In The Garage vol. 5" I'd love to hear. I see you have some oriental sounds. Very nice, I love GITG vol. 9. Just amazing. I like very much "Lara And The Trailers", "Katherine and the Firebyrds" and "Naomi and The Boys", or at least I like the little I have heard of these fab orientals.

Les (X Offender)
hello. I really admire the way you write, so clear, direct and meaning to express rather than impress. I will read your other entries/wriTings when I have the time, I'm not sure what I can get from them other than finding out how an0ther creature thinks and seeS the world. I think that after reading/scanning your bLog i somEhow know you and like you alreaDy (th0ugh this may n0t be your intenti0n).

and your Blog title/name is wonderful...I really should have th0ught of that firsT!!!!
Hi Miss F!

Thanks so much for your kind words about the writing. I'm not sure how many other people see it that way, but it's comforting to know there's at least one person out there who thinks of it that way.

And I also wonder how much you'll get out of reading the posts on the blog (they've gotten decidedly more succinct....I suppose a combination of less time and energy and the blog morphing into something slightly different from the way I originally thought of it), but I suppose, whether we know it or not (or acknowledge it or not), that most bloggers want people to get to know them through their posts or even just their choice of music.

So I suppose it was my intention for people to get to know me (though liking me might be a little too much to ask) through the blog. And the fact that you saw the blog in that light, which is probably different from the way most people see it, already makes me like you too!

So thanks again! (and thanks for liking the title of only occured to me later that people might take it the wrong way and consider it a hostile title, so I'm glad when people take it in the spirit in which it was intended!) :))

P.S. I also enjoyed your blog. I checked it out and found it meditative and reflective. Sort of an oasis in the blogosphere. If anybody else wants to check it out, I've linked to it in the link list under 'Other Great Sites'.
Hi---thanks for starting your blog and sharing some great sounds. I'm fairly new to all of this but if I can figure out how to do it (and you're interested) I recently stumbled across one of the most amazing versions of House Of The Rising Sun by Santa Esmeralda. Let me know---I'll see if I can post it to you. All the best. btw--- your blog is really cool!
Hi Rocket From Mars!

Thanks for your kind offer! Any addition is most welcome. Is the Santa Esmeralda version different from the one on Volume 2, Track #4? I think I also have another longer version by them, but I'd have to check. I'll check to see how many versions by them I've got and let you know.

Thanks for your generous offer and I really appreciate your spirit of sharing great music! And thanks for your kind words about the blog!!
Hi again Rocket From Mars!

I checked and I have these versions of Santa Esmeralda doing 'House of the Rising Sun': I have a 3:42 min., a 4:20 min.,a 12:20 min., and a 14:55 min. version. If yours is a different version, I'd love to have it! And even if it's one of those, thanks for taking the trouble to offer it. I really appreciate it!!

You're always welcome here (and sorry for the belated response....I was working my way down the comments, but I kept having to stop before I got far enough.)
Tape mmixes. :)
I remember using the same casettes dozens of times for making comps. While now im sure the sound quality is horrid compared to what digital audio does to your ears, at the time tapes were just fine. Also at the time, I had no issue with "poor sound quality" they were perfect.

As for the ease of tapes over the digital systematic clean, prep rip research tag, (create cover (sometimes)), archive and upload, it makes the oldschool way we did a hell of a lot more user friendly.

Dont get me wrong i love digital and could nover go back but the mechanical system of creting mixes on tape are something the pc just will never offer.

Hi Davis!

I know exactly what you mean. It sounds like we went through the same process! Digital is great and like you say, I generally wouldn't go back, but it can be exhausting for some reason! :)) And I agree with you about the sound quality. It sounded good to me too!

Thanks for sharing your insights. They were really interesting (as is your blog too, by the way). You're probably never going to read this, but here's hoping you start up ripping movie soundtracks on your blog again! :)))
I love your site. You have provided many of the 1,600 soundtracks I have in my collection.

I would like to invite you to join a new community of soundtrack collectors at

For security's sake, the forum has now limited its membership to invitees only. That is, only those who have displayed the a desire to post and exchange soundtracks freely.

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Love your Blog! I found some stuff here that I didn't know existed - like the "breakheart Pass" OST. I hope someday that my blog is half as good as yours!
Hi Deacon!

Thanks for saying such nice things! I'm glad you could find some stuff that you like. And I'm sorry to see your blog shut down by trolls. Hope your new location is doing great! :))
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Also see my site > OvassyGlydaybed [url=]How To Make An App[/url] CoaniaNusia MiniurgeMor This method still persists will make your app of to change every aspect of her life...Siri had been available as an app until mail rental music, movies, shows, and apps for purchase.
iphone app course OvassyGlydaybed [url=]how to make an app[/url] CoaniaNusia MiniurgeMor Credit: screenshot by nicole cozmastep 5: once the apk : between his eye on the preview pane on the left.
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