Friday, June 02, 2006

I've added links to some of my favorite music blogs & sites. If you spot any errors or problems with the links, let me know. I'm pretty new to this blogging thing, so I don't know what the protocol is on this kind of thing, but if anybody has a problem with me linking to their site, let me know and I'll remove the link. I can't remember too well, but it seems to me every once in a while I see a note on some site saying how the person prefers to be contacted before somebody links to their site, but I don't see that too often, so I'm hoping nobody minds.

The links will open in a different window. I've gotten a lot of pleasure from reading what they have to say, listening to the music they provide, and inspiration from the spirit of sharing and love of music they exude, so you can't go too wrong visiting their sites.

I think I'll probably use this entry to comment on some of these blogs, so I'll most likely be updating this post periodically with new thoughts and observations about these sites. I don't like categorizing music and I'm not very good at it (unless the categories are really obvious), so the descriptions of the types of music that these places have to offer may be a little sparse, but visit them and enjoy! (Most of these are ones that a person visiting a fair amount of sites will already know anyway, but there may be a few that you've never bothered to visit before, so hopefully it will pique your curiosity). The main reason I wanted to describe them though is to offer some thoughts or observations about them and to thank them publicly (and frankly, it's easier than leaving individual comments at each of their sites, although I want to do more of that too).

I first started visiting music sites, I can't remember how long ago, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, and it was amazing to see people sharing albums that were rare, that you wouldn't have easy access to, or that you'd never heard of before. Some of these included Your Pal Doug, Sem Sinatra, Raymondo's Dance-O-Rama, Bellybongo, Dana Countryman, & Milwaukee John (whatever happened to him? I came back after being offline for a long time and he was gone......I fear the worst). I can't remember which one I saw first or how I even got there, but one of the earlier ones I saw was Basic Hip Digital Oddio.

Basic Hip Digital Oddio: One of the best sites which has had many interesting features over the years. Until recently, it offered an Album of the Week (and latterly Tape of the Week), but it looks like that feature's future is up in the air. It started a side project (or was at least part of it), Kiddie Records Weekly, which is still going strong.

Bastet & Corwyn: I haven't been visiting their site for too long, but it's one of those sites on which I want virtually everything they offer. I love their eclectic and large selection; they have everything from blues to opera. They're one of the few blogs that I've seen that routinely offers classical, opera, cast albums, and musical soundtracks, to name a few.

Bongolongland: Another one that I'm relatively new to, but features some great selections of rock musicals, electronic music, and rock albums, among other things (I told you I was terrible at categorizing music) that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Bubblegumfink: An amazing site celebrating bubblegum pop culture and all those wonderful things we remember from our childhood (if you grew up watching 70's cartoons, like I did). You never know what awaits you when you visit, whether it's a Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm album, pictures of a David Cassidy lunchbox, or a discussion about Speed Buggy. He had a mishap that resulted in his blog being wiped out some time back, but courageously decided to continue.

Chocoreve: Incredibly prolific poster of psychedelia and psych-rock (at least I think that's what it is.....again, I'm terrible at figuring out what type of music something is). An amazing selection.

.....To be continued.....

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