Monday, August 07, 2006

Mondo Candido (1974 or 1975) (Riz Ortolani) - Film Soundtrack

Here's another Riz Ortolani film score that's more than twice as long as the last one I posted. It's also fantastic besides being longer. Enjoy!

Track List:

Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 01 - Mondo Candido
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 02 - Le Soldatesse
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 03 - L'Altalena
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 04 - Panglos a New York
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 05 - Svegliati Ragazzo
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 06 - Un Amore Così Tenero
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 07 - Cani E Gatti
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 08 - Azzurro E Nuvole
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 09 - Ferro, Chitarra E Amore
Mondo Candido (Riz Ortolani) - 10 - Tema Di 'Mondo Candido'

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

Mondo Candido (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


Mondo Candido (megaupload)

around 42 MB

Maybe I have a clue: why do you zip your files using WinRar but putting the .zip extension??? Maybe that's what screws things up: RARed files should end with .rar...
As far as I know StuffIt opens a few RARs and all sorts of ZIPs, but your files are the only ones in the Whole Wide Web (passworded or not) that it just refuses to expand (the7.0.3 version even deletes the original file leaving only an empty folder!).
Maybe you should compress the next files with the .rar extension - but again, do as it best suits you, as long as you keep up the good work!
Kudos again - Anon
Hi Anon!

Thanks for the suggestion and the kudos! I've posted a response in the blog.
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