Monday, August 07, 2006

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics

This is a compilation that's been sitting on my hard drive for a long time waiting to be finalized (tagging, digging out info, trimming, etc.) and is one of the earliest digital comps I ever started. It got tweaked a lot over the interim (adding and subtracting, getting better versions, etc.).

It's been ready to go for quite a while now, but I guess like a lot of the comps I put up, I hate to do all that final stuff that I need to do to get it ready for public sharity. When you're just listening to it for your own pleasure you don't trim the original source files to remove pesky silences or have to make sure all the info is right or look up album info from stuff you've ripped, and this one especially had a lot of final tweaking to be done. So I guess I've been pretty reluctant to finish this one off and put it out there.

But after the great Mondo Daddykin blog was attacked out of existence, I thought I should put this one up and dedicate it to him. I hope he'll come back someday; he was one of the greats and he will be missed. So this one's for you, Mondo Daddykin, and whatever you do in the future, don't let it get you down!

And to everybody else, this is one of my favorite comps and I hope you enjoy it too!

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics

Track List:

01 - Cast - Meet The Flintstones - Original Album Version (1961)
02 - Homer Simpson (Dan Castellaneta) - Meet The Flintstones (1993)
03 - Desi Arnaz - I Love Lucy
04 - Hugo Montenegro - Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie) (1967)
05 - Peggy Lee - Bewitched (1965)
06 - Sally Field - Who Needs Wings To Fly? (1967) - [THE FLYING NUN]
07 - Project: Pimento - Theme from 'Star Trek' (Vocal Ver.)
08 - Nichelle Nichols - Theme From Star Trek (Vocal Ver.)
09 - Sammy Davis, Jr. - You Can Count On Me (Theme from 'Hawaii Five-O') (1976)
10 - Don Ho - You Can Count On Me (Theme from 'Hawaii Five-O')
11 - Bill Murray - Hawaii Five-O Theme
12 - Lorne Greene - Bonanza
13 - Curt Massey - Petticoat Junction (1964)
14 - Unknown Artist - All For You - [HIGH CHAPARRAL]
15 - Harry Nilsson - Girlfriend - [THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER]
16 - Chorus - The Odd Couple (Vocal) (1968)
17 - The Mash - Suicide is Painless (1970) - [M*A*S*H]
18 - Rosemary Clooney - The Wonderful Season of Love (1961) - [PEYTON PLACE]
19 - Vikki Carr - Theme From Peyton Place (For Those Who Are Young) (1965)
20 - Richard Chamberlain - Three Stars Will Shine Tonight (1962) - [DR. KILDARE]
21 - Gene Barry - Burke's Law
22 - Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton - Those Were The Days - [ALL IN THE FAMILY]
23 - Dan Castellaneta & Julie Kavner - Those Were The Days (1997)
24 - Andy Griffith - The Fishin' Hole - [THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW]
25 - Sonny Curtis - Love Is All Around - [THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW]
26 - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Love Is All Around
27 - The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You (1995) - [FRIENDS]
28 - The Manhattan Transfer - Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone
29 - Butch Patrick - Whatever Happened to Eddie? - [THE MUNSTERS]
30 - Chorus - At The Munsters
31 - Cast - Hogan's Heroes March (1966)
32 - Mary Schneider - Liberty Bell / Semper Fidelis / Blaze Away / Washington Post - [MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS]
33 - Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn (1965)

pw = youdonthavetovisit

(if you cut & paste the password, make sure you don't include an extra blank at the end!)

(you will need both parts before extracting)

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics - Part 1 (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)
Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics - Part 2 (rapidshare) - (Link Re-Up)


(in one big file)

Seldom-Heard TV Theme Lyrics (megaupload) - (Hmmm....seems to be temporarily unavailable. Guess I'll have to re-up it sometime! In the meantime, feel free to download from the Rapidshare links. :)))

around 107 MB

'Seldom-heard' is a relative term, I suppose. Some of these songs were sung in episodes, were pop songs apart from the shows or became hit singles, and some were used in the movies the shows were originally based on. So 'seldom-heard' is in the context of the TV theme (as is the fact that not all the music was written for their respective shows). Just thought I'd mention it since I know some people will quibble with the selections (and believe me, people do). Basically, the criteria are lyrics, to music used as TV themes, that are not normally heard that often in connection to the TV theme used on the show. That really simplifies it, doesn't it?

And when you see more than one song associated with the same show, if you listen carefully, you'll notice that they actually have different lyrics! (with the exception of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show').

And if anyone has any additions, I'd love to hear them! Some material got squeezed out of this comp, but I don't have nearly enough material for a Volume 2, so if anybody has anything, I'd appreciate hearing them!

Notes on the compilation:

#03 - This track was one of the reasons I was waiting so long to finish the comp. My CD version of it was in storage so I was hoping to find another CD-quality version somewhere, but I used an LP version instead. All in all though, it doesn't sound too bad.
#07 - This version has the lyrics that Gene Roddenberry actually wrote and that Alexander Courage didn't like. I don't know who did the lyrics for Nichelle Nichols' version (or if Alexander Courage liked those either).
#14 - Couldn't find out who the singer was on this. It doesn't even seem to be listed on the LP cover. I love the pop version of this theme though. And whenever I heard the actual TV theme as a kid, it always reminded me of 'Telstar'. At least the beginning of the theme did. I'll probably put those up side-by-side someday and see what you think.
#15 - And for anyone who remembers the TV theme and the TV show (about a boy and his father), it's pretty funny (and a little disturbing) to hear the original song.
#26 - And normally I wouldn't have put this on because it's the same seldom-heard lyric as in Sonny Curtis' version, but I always loved her version, so I just felt like putting it on.

And for anyone who had the stamina to read to the end of this post, it probably means you're a fan of TV music (or of this blog, which seems less likely). So if there's anybody out there who missed some of Mondo Daddykin's files, I have most of them before Huckleberry Hound (I missed out on 6 or 7 of his last posts myself). Let me know if you want them and if there are enough people who are interested, maybe I can work something out. I hate the fact that so many people missed out on so much great stuff (most of which was unavailable anywhere else). Hopefully, Mondo Daddykin won't mind, but if he does, please let me know.

Thanks much! Very neat stuff.

Nice Job, Nice Collection, Nice information.

You topped yourself on this one, and I am a BIG soundtrack fan.


(Also mourning the loss of Mondo-Daddy)
I've only heard a few of these, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the rest! This is great, thank you!!

Hi J.R.!

Thanks so much for the compliment!


Hi Lacey!

No, you're FAN-TAS-TICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for saying such nice things!! I really appreciate the feedback, especially on the home-made comps. Let me know if there are any soundtracks you want me to put up, and if I have them, I'd be happy to oblige!


Hi Crazed!

And thanks for your thank you! I hope you enjoy listening to this comp as much as I do!
Great idea!

Makes me wonder what else might be out there. Anne Francis singing lyrics to "Honey West?" Bob Conrad and Ross Martin duetting "Wild Wild West?" Raymond Burr's lyrics to "Perry Mason?"

Some great themes out there that don't have lyrics. Or do they??

I know Carroll O'Connor liked the back theme to "All in the Family" so much it inspired him to write lyrics (and not too shabby). At one time it seemed so many TV shows HAD to have a theme with lyrics to let you know what the premise of the show was.

"It's About Time..." "Gilligan's Island..." "F-Troop..." "Beverly Hillbillies..." oh such hard concepts to understand without story-lyrics...
Hi Ill Folks!

It's hard for me to decide who'd I'd love to hear more, Anne Francis or Raymond Burr! (Though, come to think of it, I think I have Bob Conrad on one of those 'TV Favorites Sing Just For You' volumes coming up - I think it might be on Volume 4 or 5, so it may be a while before I post it; I'm not entirely happy with those, so I haven't finalized them yet. But, God, wouldn't a duet with Ross Martin be fantastic?)

I tried to get that back theme for 'All in the Family' before I put the comp out, but all I could ever find was the instrumental version (though that's pretty good too!). But the lyrics are great for it! (If you have a copy of the vocal back theme, let me know. I'd love to have it!)

And, I still have a hard time with the concepts to those TV shows. Astronauts,'s all beyond me!!
Hi, yes, the Carroll O'Connor is on a solo album he did. I have it here somewhere. Amazingly I still don't have mp3-rip software on my computer. I do everything with a Philips CD-R burner and those higher-priced music only CD-Rs. I have "Amadeus" for edits and minor graphic equalization but if there's crackles or hiss, for me it's easier to go buy a new copy of the vinyl then try to fix it. Or just live with the imperfections.

Will try and get Carroll into my next 80 minute CD-R when I do one. One o' these days I'll upgrade the computer & add an mp3 rip.

Oh...I re-upped a new version of "Torchburn" with hopefully no people who'd get burnt up over being compiled on it!
Nice compilation! There's a pretty cool version Brandon Cruz's punk band "Dr. Know", and Nichelle Nichols doing an 80s disco version of the Star Trek theme. Also the Kane Triplets "Mission: Impossible" is pretty amazing! Thanks so much for sharing,
oops, that should've read "Dr. Know" doing "Best Friend"--the theme from "Courtship Of Eddie's Father"
thanks again,

Hi again Ill Folks!

Thought I'd responded earlier, but realized I hadn't!

I know what you mean about fixing versus buying. Sometimes it's just easier to get a different copy than to try and remove all the crackle. I'm terrible at it.

I remember hearing some tracks from an album on which Carroll O'Connor was waxing nostalgic (I think he sang 'Remembering You', but ironically, I can't remember). Don't know if it's the same album, but sounds really interesting!

Update: And just as I typed this, I clicked on your site and saw you put it up!! You are the man!! How's that for a fast response? Thanks so much!

And I'm glad to hear you re-upped Torchburn. I can't understand why anybody had a problem with it in the first place. Maybe it was the 5 Metallica tracks on there. No, wait, that couldn't have been it. Well, I'm glad I got the original copy (now I have to check if the new version is different and get that one too!). Well, like you said, hopefully nobody will get Torchburnt up over it.


Hi Joe!

Thanks for the info! I appreciate hearing any additions. I knew Brandon Cruz had a punk band, but I've never heard their version of 'Best Friend'. Sounds like it'd be great!

Is Nichelle Nichols' 80's disco version any different than the one I put on the comp? I think that would be interesting to hear too. And I've never heard the Kane Triplets' version of 'Mission: Impossible'. Love any versions of that tune! If anybody has any of these, let me know. I'd appreciate it.

Thanks again Joe for clueing me in!
I FINALLY got a chance to download and listen to this. This is so cool!! Thanks for putting it together. A number of years ago I had a book called "The TV Theme Song Sing-Along Book" that had a number of these songs with lyrics, so I was actually able to sing along, even though I'd never heard them sung before!

I have a question. They had lyrics to the "Leave It to Beaver" theme (called "Toy Parade"). Do you know if it was ever recorded? Also, if you do a second volume I think there was a vocal version of the "Dennis the Menace" theme as well.

Anyway, thanks again for making this available!

Way Out Junk
Hi Tony!

Thanks for saying those nice things! I think 'Toy Parade' was one of those I looked for before I put together the compilation, and I thought I had it, but when I went to look I think I was getting it confused with other Jerry Mathers music. So I think it was recorded somewhere, but I never could find it.

And thanks for the heads up about Dennis The Menace! I think the album on your blog has that vocal version, but I'm not sure. I haven't listened to it yet. If I ever get enough material to make a second volume, that one's definitely going on! :))
11-27 THANKS
Hi Vince!

You are very welcome! I love that picture too! :))
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